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What’s Missing this Thanksgiving Is Thankfulness.

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November 27, 2016

54 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

November 26, 2016

55 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

November 25, 2016

56 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

November 24, 2016

57 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2016

58 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

The media makes its money by making itself important. No story is interesting without conflict, so the media must create conflict to keep the the story going and the revenue flowing. In many ways, the media has made itself the story.

A GREAT America isn't as interesting as a conflicted America. So expect outrage over everything Trump does for the next 8 years – outrage that we should have seen over the last 8 years.

November 22, 2016

59 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Democrats are faced with a real dichotomy. Should they move center in the hopes of recapturing the Trump Democrats but risk losing the radicals, or should they continue to try to appeal to the more radical elements like they did in this past election?

Hopefully, they will go with the radical. I'd like to see even more states go Red in 2020.

November 21, 2016

60 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

It is interesting to me that the snowflake social justice warriors label everyone else as phobic, yet they are the ones with deep seated clinical phobias. They say they are deeply afraid their rights won’t be protected under our new president, yet they were willing to vote for a president that wouldn’t have protected their right to stay alive! (Think Orlando shooting.)

November 20, 2016

61 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.


Only 10 tens days after Donald Trump promised to be president for ALL Americans, liberals actors are already resisting his agenda of creating jobs for all Americans, by making it more difficult for American actors to find paying gigs. (As if it wasn't hard enough to begin with.)

In an act of Drama Queenery at its finest, actors in the Broadway play Hamilton had an encore "look-at-me" moment, by insulting Vice President elect Mike Pence. Can you imagine if the truly "forgotten" people (you know, the ones who voted for Trump/Pence) ever did this to Obama?

Well, nothing like a 50% drop in ticket sales to piss a producer off, and nothing like waiting tables again to teach an actor to respect others the way they say they want to be respected. Hope you listened to your parents when they told you not to give up your day job.

It's looking more and more like TRUMP 2020

November 19, 2016

62 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

New article up! 2016-11-19 - A DR. SPOCKWORK ORANGE

November 18, 2016

63 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Dear President Trump,

I’m a 3rd grade student at Crestwood Elementary School. I’m writing to you about the really mean things you said during the campaign. And I was thinking, it was probably a really good thing you did. Because Democrats always say really nasty things about Republicans, and Republicans never fight back. Plus, during the primaries, you weeded out the Republican candidates that wouldn’t have defended themselves and would have lost to Hillary. Especially low-energy Jeb!

My mom told me that you have never drunk alcohol or smoked cigarettes, and that you get up every morning at 5am and work very hard. And your kids are really good examples, too. So I forgive you for the mean things you said. Now put together your team, and go bust some balls for our country!


Little Johnnie

P.S. My teacher said she hopes you fail. But she is a progressive, socialist, anarchist, who is just bitter because Hillary (and Obama) lost.

November 17, 2016

64 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Some Democrats continue to complain they lost the election because of the “unfair” electoral college. Their complaint is that because the electoral college puts state sovereignty ahead of the popular vote, that they are being subjected to the will of Midwest America.

It is no surprise Democrats won the big liberal population states of California and New York. They’ve won them for years, and probably will for years to come. But just when has California and New York not done as they fool please anyway? But controlling 99% of culture isn't enough for them. They aren't happy unless everyone is subjugated to their will.

But Democrats could have just as easily won the electoral vote this year, like they did in 2008 and 2012. So why didn’t they?

Because they didn’t get out the vote in the states they had easily won in years before. Not only was Democrat turn-out down in the states they lost, but key constituencies that did show up, showed up for Trump! The black vote was up 8% for Trump over Romney. Hispanic vote up 7%. He also out-performed Romney among Asians, women, and gays.

This means key groups are jumping the Democrat slave ship, and that they are fighting for their own rights, and that they don’t need the little snowflakes to fight for them after all.

Guess they finally realized they’re "STRONGER WITHOUT" the people who promise, but never DO anything for them.

The fact is, do-nothing “social justice warriors” like Black Lives Matter and Soros’ snowflake protestors are killing the Democrat Party. (More than one-third of the "Not My President" protestors arrested didn't even vote!!!)

Democrats have been saying for years the Republican Party needed to change if they want to win the presidency. The tables have turned, and unless the Democrat Party makes some serious changes (and not just cosmetic), they may never win another election. And that is just alright with me.

November 16, 2016

65 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Donald Trump was elected for one reason -- THE LAWLESSNESS OF OBAMA AND LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!

Obama's overreach in using executive actions to make, break, and circumvent the laws has severely alarmed every rational American.

We've seen this lawlessness in Obama, Hillary Clinton, BLM, the little snowflakes on the streets protesting, and the government officials in so-called "sanctuary" cities like San Francisco and LA, and in Chicago's Rahm Emanuel, who refuses to enforce the laws that duly elected representatives of the people have passed, and that government officials have sworn to uphold.

Civil people understand the importance of the process of law, and we see the danger for all Americans when this process is ignored for the sake of "fairness" or political correctness or for political advantage.

There are laws that provide for the lawless behavior of people in office, and those laws need to be exercised.

November 15, 2016

66 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

I counted 41 busses of protestors bussed-in for Chicago protests. Unless Soros and cohorts run out of money, this will be the new norm.

George Soros and tricksters comin
Paid protesters that he owns
This summer I hear the drummin
More dread in Ohio

November 14, 2016

67 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Trump hasn't even taken the oath of office yet, and the critics are already saying he's backing off his promises. Holy crap. At least give the guy 167 days from now. (For those of you with weak math skills, that's 67 days till his inauguration + his first 100 days in office.)

Once there is an honest DoJ that won't burn files and obstruct its own "justice", it will be amazing just how quickly the swamp will get drained and the trash found there will be disposed of.

Trump doesn't need to be micro-managed. That's one of the many reasons I voted for him. If in 167 days, it starts looking like another Obama administration, or a Hillary administration, then every person that voted for Trump will turn up the fire. But I am quite confident that Trump will get 'er done.

November 13, 2016

68 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

These kids in the streets are incapable of letting go of the irrational idea that people who disagree with them "hate" them. Fact is: if these kids ever gave up their hate for people they think "hate" them, they would be totally empty. They would have nothing. No cause. No meaning in life. No goal or motivation. This is why they hold on to their irrational fears and hate so tightly.

November 12, 2016

69 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Every time someone loses an election, but had the most popular votes nationwide, they complain about the electoral college. But the electoral college makes sure there is equal representation by state. This is why we say, “These” United States of America. Without this method, the states lose their individual power and sovereignty, and states with large populations (and large cities like CA, NY) subject all other states to their will. The map makes this pretty plain.

Obama won the popular vote by almost 8% in 2008, and 4% in 2012. Hillary barely won the popular vote. Only by .2% (and all the votes haven't been counted yet), mostly because of big, liberal cities. And if someone would actually take the time to remove ballots for dead people and illegal aliens, I’m sure Trump would have won the popular vote by probably the same margin as Obama, seeing as the stats show that Trump would have beaten Obama in 2012.

Every time liberals lose an election, they talk about seceding, like COW (California, Oregon, and Washington). But California is already at/near bankruptcy, and that is even with HUGE federal funding. And I wonder who will provide their national defense.

Oh, well. They’ll make a great buffer zone for the rest of the country from China, Russia, and North Korea, should there ever be a nuclear war.

November 11, 2016

Veterans Day, and 70 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

More War Whore behavior down on the streets, as self-destructive idiots take pleasure in destruction rather than building.

Our Veterans fought and died so we could peacefully protest!

November 10, 2016

71 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration.

Little Snowflakes, led by paid activists, protesting in the streets, doing more of what caused Hillary to lose, and Trump to be elected in the first place.

Celebrities, like the elitists we just voted down, promising and encouraging this crap.

Dear Celebs: we are tired of your self-important BS. You play "make believe" for a living, for God's sake! It's time you went back to actually doing something, like waiting tables. Deal with real life and see how much money you have or would be willing to donate to this crap. Let you have another chance to look at your paycheck each week, and crap your pants wondering how little is left after taxes.

This goes for you media people too.

November 9, 2016

72 Days till President Donald J. Trump's Inauguration. Election 2016

I'm listening to the media talk about how they never saw this coming. If Google algorithms hadn't had buried this website (and they wouldn't have buried their heads in the sand), they would have seen it coming since November 28th, 2012.

Congratulation President Elect Trump and VP Elect Mike Pence. Congratulations Republican House, Senate, and Governors. Congratulations America.

Hillary and I can finally get some sleep.


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