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Jan 7th Was The REAL Day They Were Waiting For.

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Feb 2, 2024

They are torn on sending Trump to jail and/or assassinating him. They are wondering, "What lengths would the American people go to, to support him and to punish a weaponized government."

They are torn as to what would be the outcome of the people rising up en masse. They could paint it as an insurrection, and declare martial law; actually use the nukes and F-15s against WE THE PEOPLE, the way Eric Swallow-well and Joe O'Biden have threatened to do. But what if the people actually succeeded, recovered their government, and hung those who actually DID commit insurrection and treason (by weaponizing our government)?

The Romans wanted to kill the Jews so bad they could taste it. But they didn't want an uprising. The Jewish leaders wanted to kill John the Baptist so bad they could taste it. But the people all believed John to be a prophet, and the Jewish leaders knew the people would have their heads.

Interesting dilemma.

Jan 29, 2024

It's really easy to vote, since "81" million voters (my ass) voted for Joe. Those dependent on government managed to vote. Even the lazy voters who wanted to sit at home on their couch and watch TV voted. In fact, voting is so easy, someone votes for you when you don't vote, or even when you are dead or don't even exist.

Jan 28, 2024

Biden could stop the invasion at our border IN ONE DAY if he wanted to. The laws are already in place, put there by Dems during their 31 year control of both the House and the Senate. He has the executive authority to stop the invasion.

HOWEVER, he does NOT have the constitutional authority to stop states from defending themselves.

The game being played is to blame the Republican controlled congress for not funding his game, so he can blame THEM for the border in this election year.

Don't fall for it, Republicans. Don't touch it. The laws are in place. The President is not enforcing them. The states have the constitutional authority to defend themselves.

The supreme court acknowledged the executive branch has authority to enforce immigration law (not to ignore it). This will work in Trump's favor when HE is back in the HOUSE.

It is not hard to figure out Obama's calculations. His assessment is just to keep inviting/letting people come across the border, and he's COUNTING on young "progressive" guilt and virtue-signaling to support it/vote for those who support it TILL IT IS TOO LATE TO STOP IT.

Same thing with the trans stuff. Just keep tipping the boat till it is too late to right it, and it tips over. Then the tyrannical "smart" people with be in charge, and all us peons fall in line -- or else.

Not gonna let it happen
Not gonna watch it happen
Not gonna wonder what happened.

Jan 27, 2024

For years I never joined twitter, but joined a few month ago because I thought Elon had cleaned things up. Man was I wrong. I can't believe the nasty, unbelievably hateful comments on there, that are pushed to the top.

I don't want to live in a bubble, but do want to converse with people who aren't vile and hateful. I am just shocked what TDS does to people who claim to be "caring" -- many of whom LOVED Trump before he came down the escalator.

I was very young when I saw Gregory Peck in "To Kill a Mockingbird." I was so saddened and outraged, even at such a young age. It wasn't that a "Black" man was falsely accused (my best friend was black) but that ANY person would be falsely accused -- FOR ANY REASON.

Injustice only strengthens those who seek justice, and eventually, weakens the unjust.

Anyone who is ok with lying and persecution and injustice, just because it gets them what they want, has reveled their true colors.

Growing up a Democrat, I'm shocked at what I see on X. So sad.

Jan 26, 2024

Russia, Russia, Russia

Ukraine Phone call

Impeachment 1

Impeachment 2


Mar-a-Lago raid

E. Jean Carroll Case

Biz Loans Case


Election Fraud Case

Nikki Haley

What do they all have in common? All bought and paid for by the D.C. Club to GET RID OF TRUMP.

Why are they so afraid of him?


Trump didn't bring ANY of this on himself. The left BOUGHT it on him to GET RID OF US.

You STILL haven't gotten rid of us.


Jan 25, 2024

Whatever Nikki McCain-Romney's motives are (genuine, delusional, or nefarious) she will stay in this race as long as powerful people (not WE the people) continue to finance her campaign. FACT.

And just think: The same people who are paying Nikki to stay in, are the same people who tried to pay Kari Lake to drop out.

The Ukrainian AND the Russian people are suffering because they have corrupt leaders. The American people are suffering because we have corrupt leaders. Replacing Biden with someone else who can be bought by the donor class will not fix America's problems.

Jan 24, 2024

Nikki: When even Ronna says, "Get out," you KNOW you are f'd. Just because you refuse to drop out, Neoconiki, doesn't mean you haven't already lost. And you are out there saying today that Trump should debate you?

Should he debate DeSantis? who did better (and would have continued to do better) than you in the primaries?

And think of this: Trump would still have won last night, but just think of how much more you would have LOST by last night if DeSantis would have stayed in.

The fat lady has already sung. Yes, Dems voted for you last night. But they will still be voting for Biden.

Might want to check out the CNN exit interviews if you don't believe me. Even Fox gets that.


Jan 22, 2024

Ron DeSantis severely damaged his political career. But Nikki Haley has obliterated hers. I'd bet $50 she won't drop out even when she is getting stomped in the primary, which is a dead give-away as to her real objective.

She is the uniparty's last best hope. And she isn't even that good of one. She is playing the race card, woman card, basically playing a Democrat, even though she got the lowest number of votes from people of color at CPAC. Another dead give-away.

She can't beat Trump and she can't beat Biden, and everyone knows this. So it is clear that her objective is not to beat Trump or Biden (or his replacement), but to drain Trump and get Biden or his replacement elected. And my guess is, she is being paid well to do this.

When she fails, she'll be of no value to anyone. Not even Boeing.

Jan 21, 2024

On the abortion issue, we keep on letting the left frame us as the extremists "who won't allow exceptions." instead of framing them as the extremists by not wanting ANY limits

We must emphasize the truth -- that MOST AMERICAN (including a large percentage of Dems) support limits!!!

Poll: Americans Support Abortion Limits, Pregnancy Resource Centers Ahead of March for Life


Jan 19, 2024

The word Democracy is not found in the Constitution of The United States Of America, nor are any of its word forms. The word Republican (and forms) is only found once. Read it and weep, Dems.

Article IV, Section 4
The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Colorado was red until Obama

Obama beat McCain by 9 pts in 2008

Obama beat Romney by 4 in 2012

Clinton beat Trump by 6 in 2016

Biden "beat" Trump by 14 in 2020 (probably more like 4, if even that much)

Without the Covid-cover-cheat, it is possible Trump that could win CO this time around, and I think that is what they are afraid of. That would be a serious blow to their narrative and momentum.

These states that are trying to take Trump of the ballot are blue, and maybe gone anyway, and are not going to affect the 2024 election. But the precedent that is being set is unconstitutional and dangerous, as radicals will eventually try to law-fare us to death in red states as well.

Jan 18, 2024

Dems made almost all of the immigration laws we have on the books during their 31 year control of the House and Senate. NONE of those laws are being enforced. Why would making a new law make any difference. It will just give them new laws to ignore.


Stop funding the government, or WE THE PEOPLE will. (Oh, so that's why you wanted 87,000 new IRS agents.)

Jan 17, 2024

The left loves to politicize power when they have it, yet scream bloody hell when others have power.

This is why our founders made impeachment the solution of dealing with the high crimes and misdemeanors of presidents.

Nixon resigned with simply the threat of impeachment, because Republicans told him privately they would support impeachment. (But it is ok for Dems to wiretap Trump Tower.)

Republicans impeached Bill Clinton by creating a process crime out of the Lewinsky deal. (The people may not like presidents banging interns in the ovary orifice, but that can be decided at the ballot box.) Bill Clinton was acquitted (depending on what your definition of the word "was" was) and set the new standard for legitimate behavior in public office -- which by the way, is a complete contradiction of the #metoo premise.

Dems and rinos impeached Trump TWICE, first over Russia, Russia, Russia, and then over the Ukraine phone call. And they failed.

Impeachment is the legitimate political process for presidents accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, and they failed to convict President Trump TWICE. Thus, the endless prosecutions we see now, NONE OF WHICH HAVE ANY LEGITIMACY.

Jan 16, 2024

The elites spent $258 million on DeeSanctus and Haley in IA. Trump spent $11 million -- just four percent of that! And that doesn't even include the money spent by Rama, Christie, etc.

They have to stop us. It is do or die for them -- and for us. But they know Birdbrain and DeeSanctus are not going to win. So what is their strategy?

Their strategy is not to win. Their strategy is to just wear Trump out financially, mentally, physically -- to make him look like Joe Biden; to make him lose to Biden at best, or to incapacitate him in office at worst.

And the bonus? Should they win, they have a globalist warmonger -- Nimarata Nikki Randhawa Haley -- waiting in the wings should Trump be taken out. They'd prefer Haley, but they'd rather have DeeSanctus than Trump. But they are taking a real chance with DeeSanctus. They think they can continue to control him. But if he wakes up to what they have done and how they have used him and his personal ambitions (even how his wife has used him as well), he might be a formidable enemy to them.

But I'm sure they have some dirt they can dig up or make up on Ron to take him out should they not be able to control him. And even at Trump's weakest, Trump is still stronger than DeeSanctus at his strongest.

Jan 15, 2024

I remember when Joe was VP and he said, "Government is the one thing we all belong to."

We should have realized then that he didn't believe government belonged to US --THE PEOPLE.

When you realize that a bunch of unelected officials falsified your election so THEY could stay in power, then in that same moment, you realize that it is no longer YOUR government -- the one of, for, and by THE PEOPLE.

Seems like freedom is something we must constantly strive for, while slavery seems to be the natural state we all fall back into. I think it is because tyranny never sleeps. It lusts for power, and is always playing on the weak, making promises to take care of them, if they just give IT/THEM control.

Jan 14, 2024

Deductive reasoning seems to be privileged, because these pukes in the media seem to identify as un-privileged (while making millions per year).

Jan 13, 2024

OBAMA - Wins House seats, Wins FL OH IA, 18/19 bellwethers, 873 counties, 69 Mil votes
TRUMP - Wins House seats, Wins FL OH IA, 18/19 bellwethers, 2497 counties, 74 Mil votes
BIDEN - Loses House seats, Loses FL OH IA, 1/19 bellwethers, 477 counties, 81 Mil votes????

Ok, so just how many votes DID Joe get? Look at the total votes in the last 4 elections.

Hillary (D) got 66,361,435 in 2016
Obama (D) got 66,618,909 in 2012
Obama (D) got 69,498,516 in 2008

Were there really that many more motivated voters in 2020? We knew Trump voters were motivated. But were there really so many more motivated Trump-haters (as the media has suggested) that were not voting FOR Joe Biden, but AGAINST Trump?

And here's the real kicker:

2020 U.S. POPULATION: 330,598,493
65% ARE REGISTERED VOTERS: 213,799,467
66.2% OF THEM VOTED: 141,535,247


Hum? 155,515,139 total votes minus 141,535,247 total voters = 13,969,892. So, where did these 13,969,892 votes come from?

No one has even suggested that Trump received fraudulent votes in the "most free and fair election in history." So subtracting the over-votes from Biden:

Biden (D) got 67,299,032 in 2020

This would be perfectly in line with previous year Dem votes.

BUT, we don't win elections by the popular vote, but by the appropriation of electoral votes in the respective states, which almost always go to the popular vote in that respective state. And Biden "won" by just a handful of votes in the swing states. So, even if you buy that Biden did get as many votes as "recorded" in 2020:

1) In 2020, Biden got a lesser percentage of votes in the liberal stronghold states -- D.C., HI, CA, NY, IL, and NV -- than Hillary did in 2016; while,

2) In 2020, Trump got a higher percentage of votes than he did in 2016 in EVERY SINGLE STATE THAT DEMS WON in 2020, except for ME, and the swing states NV, MI, PA, WI, AZ, and GA.


Jan 12, 2024

I think Reagan was the last president before Trump to actually not destroy the country for their own agenda. I realized he did some things covertly that he felt were good for our country and for the promotion of Democracy around the world. But he never screwed America for globalism or is own pocket. He was a true patriot.

And I've always wondered why CIA director, G.H.W. Bush, was "selected" (for him) as his VP. I think he was there to spy on Reagan, to make sure he didn't do any permanent damage to the status-quo. And I also think he said "read my lips, no new taxes" then broke that promise deliberately, to help usher in Clinton to destroy the Reagan economy, and to cover for Republican deep-state participation.

They hated Reagan almost as much as they hate Trump. But they fear Trump more.

Seems Jimmy Carter was a good man, in spite of being a very crappy president. He bought that the Dem party was "compassionate," which fit with his Christian world view. How wrong one can be.

Jan 11, 2024

Most of the globalist movement is led by people with a lust for power and money, pandering and manipulating followers who want revenge on people who never did anything to them.

The revenge seems to stem from a desire to make others feel what it's like to be a minority. So it was never about equality. It was always about the base emotion of revenge.

The underlying issue seems to be inheritance -- or what the left likes to characterize as "privilege."

People who build something, who make something out of their life, tend to want to leave it to their children; even do it FOR their children -- children that they love more than themselves and want life to be better for (though sometimes it backfires on spoiled children).

The resentful feel (consciously or unconsciously) that they were abandoned parentally -- literally or figuratively -- that their parents DIDN'T build anything or leave them anything useful, not even principle. This inner parental resentment and blame gets shifted to a resentment of society -- even a resentment of God. It seems to be more about, "If I don't have it, neither will you!" And the left FEEDS this envy and jealousy to manipulate their base -- a base that really believes that the reason they don't have is because others do.

Reckoning? Yes. Justice? Yes. But revenge? No. Equality and justice will never result from revenge. Only more inequality and injustice and conflict.

Jan 10, 2024

Remember how Dems and Hillary and the rest of the D.C. scumbags loved Trump when he used to write them checks?

But then he came down the escalator, and SUDDENLY, he was a homophobic, xenophobic racist.

See who they REALLY are?

The more time goes on, the more I see that this civil war that is raging is once again about slavery. Cheap labor. The powerful (on both sides) getting richer and more powerful by importing poor people.

There are ways to enrich a culture through fair exchange. You can even help other, poorer cultures and countries to improve their standard of living through trade. But when you flood a country to enrich a few, while impoverishing the citizens of that land, it helps no one. Eventually it will destroy our nation and the world.

Jan 6, 2024

I hope President Trump makes Jan 6th a national patriotic holiday, with a flag that says "PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY" and a picture of the "Carl Winslow" cop (from Family Matters, Die Hard) waving everyone into the capital.

It was a total deep state setup. We should celebrate it as, "THE DAY WE SAW WHO THE DEEP STATE REALLY IS AND JUST HOW FAR THEY WILL GO."

There is not a doubt in my mind that our government [not the government of, by, and for the people, but the hyper-constitution administrative state) wants WE THE PEOPLE to give up our guns.

And it is SO obvious that you have to ask yourself why (or not). But it isn't that they care about people, because they don't care about people. (At best, they care about the "collective.") It has to be fear and resentment that they will never have the absolute power they lust for as long as we the people have a 2nd amendment. And Swallow-well brags that the government has nukes. And Joe brags that they have F-15s. But don't those nukes and F-15s belong to WE THE PEOPLE?

Free people refuse to have a government they fear. Free people want a government that fears the people, because only then can we remain a free people.

Tyranny has been working in the shadows for years. Under Obama it arrogantly reared its ugly head. Because of Trump, it has no place to go back into hiding.

NOW it is DO or DIE -- both for WE THE PEOPLE, and for tyranny.

Jan 5, 2024

MAGA, for the sake of the future of our country, we need to put this primary shii to bed early, and get on with fighting Joe Biden and the deep state. Let's crush them in IA.

Then let's crush them in NH too, where Dems will be crossing over to vote for bird-brain warmonger, Nikki, in their open primary.

Then let's crush her in her own state of SC.

Then let's get on with the real battle of SAVING AMERICA.

Jan 2, 2024

I think we need to realize that it isn't Democrats/Liberals that are trying to destroy our country. This is a foreign government(s) that has entirely taken over and controls what we call the "opposing party" and is currently controlling our government.

Democrats are no longer in control. Democrats are no longer Democrats. They are Chinese. And I mean this literally.

If we don't recognize this, I don't see how we can save our republic.

The first Republican primary is only 13 days away. Let's put this to sleep early, and get to focusing on defeating Joe O'Xi-den.

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