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Nancy Pelosi thinks you should take up a hobby, like photography, at the other tax payers’ expense.

May 30, 2014

Let’s Change While There’s Still Hope

My, my, a lot can happen in a few weeks. Ukraine has a new president – one who has his own money, and doesn’t need to perpetuate government so he can steal from it, or to take kick-backs from Russia. Ukraine wins.

Putin is withdrawing troops from the Ukrainian border – leaving his little green men to rot and be the scapegoats and price for Crimea. Russia wins.

Obama has yet another scandal on his plate – a result of liberals trying to perpetuate government, in all of its glorious incompetency. I doubt he’ll be able to call the VA scandal “phony,” though I’m sure he will accept no blame or responsibility, and as always will swear to “get to the bottom of it,” but of course won’t, and never does. USA loses. Yet again.

For the last 6 years, Obama and Democrats have been telling everyone to climb in the wagon and take a free ride. Maybe “take up a hobby, like photography,” at the other tax payers’ expense, per Nancy Pelosi. But most are starting to realize that trust in Government can be a deadly game, especially when it can’t even oversee its genuine obligations. With this kind of incompetency, soon there won’t be a wagon left to climb into.

I’ve noticed that whenever Democrats are being interviewed or in debate, they always end with their favorite talking point: “to pay for tax cuts for the rich,” referring to Republicans. They say it by rote, even if it seems out of place, and even if they go over their allotted time to say it. They have to get it in. It’s their mantra. But quite frankly, it’s a tired, worn out phrase, and middle-class Americans are especially tired of hearing it, since four months of their work-year goes just to pay for taxes!

I want all Americans to win. But it seems like we’ve done nothing but lose over the last six years. And all we’ve heard from the man we hired to be the CEO is, “It’s the Republicans’ fault.” But the midterm elections will be here in November, and the 2016 Presidential election none too soon after that. If we still have a country by then, I think the voters will be singing a different tune at the polls. And it won’t be hope and change, but let’s change while there’s still hope. If so, maybe we’ll be able to say once again, America wins.


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