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The Democrat Party is no longer my parent's Democrat Party.

March 4, 2015

Fifty Shades Of Gay

Most know (including gays) that “Gay Marriage” has nothing to do with rights, but rather, is a political move of the Left to further its overall socialist agenda. The Left’s strategy has always been about 1) denying common sense, and 2) re-labeling.

Word meanings are contracts. The constructive etymology of words evolves by the creation of new words to further define and refine subtle meanings and subclassifications. The degradation of language is the slow eroding or brute force change of definitions. This is done to make language useless so as to justify whatever actions and behaviors the language demolisher wants to engage in. For all intents and purposes, it is done to break existing contracts. (Think: Barack Obama)

Those of us who have been on this earth for a while know the history of the modern gay movement:

In the 60’s (and early 70’s) the theme was, “I’m queer, I’m here, and if you don’t like it, F U!” This fit nicely with the hippie, rebel, non-conformist philosophy of the times.

In the mid to late 70’s, during the disco era it changed to, “It’s a lifestyle choice.” This more palatable theme was less about choice for gays, and more of an invitation to all cute heterosexual boys to make a “choice” and “join up.” You know, “A few good men.” Bluntly said, fresh meat.

But once the 80’s and the AIDS epidemic hit, people of common sense began to ask, “Well, if it’s a lifestyle choice, why not make a different choice, since the choice you are making doesn’t seem to be viable for you or society.” And because of this, a new theme for the gay movement was born: “I was BORN this way.” Talk about reinventing oneself.

In an age of parental abandonment, some gays and liberal sympathizers, through school, media, and music, have pounded into the heads of young confused teens, that every conflicting adolescent feeling they have is most likely an indication that they are gay, and that they are simply repressing it. These “mentors” of the new underground railroad have taken it upon themselves to orient these poor youths from slavery to “freedom,” telling them they are the victims of a bullying, repressive society.

Some have also set up the false narrative that gays, by and large, are harassed, and victims of society. I know that harassment of gays does happen (like when Bill and Todd come up with the great idea of taking their vacation in Hicksville, Georgia), but it is not as widespread as purported (just like the abuse of young black youths by police officers is not as ubiquitous as purported). The truth is, in 1981 I was told by a group of high school students, that many in their school pretended to be gay, just because everyone thought it was cool to be gay, and it got the pretenders attention. Some stigma. And that was 34 years ago.

Compared to America, most gays in Europe are pretty low key. Thomas and William live next door to Gladys and Henry. Gladys and Henry suspect Thomas and William are. But they don’t ask. Thomas and William don’t offer. They just all live their lives, and everyone gets on. But in America, it’s more about creating conflict and a stir. Parades and marches. It’s about the hyper insecure who need everyone’s stamp of approval on what they do. In America, it’s not about tolerance at all, but about forced acceptance and special attention.

For a long time I thought the gay movement had hijacked the Democrat Party, until I realized that Leftists had hijacked both the Democrat Party and the gay movement.

And thus enters the new Democrat Party. My parents said that the Democrat Party was the party of the working man. Whether or not they were right or wrong, it is no longer my parent’s Democrat Party. The party's been crashed, and those with the ideals and values of my parents are no longer invited. As Ronald Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat party, the Democrat Party left me.” Hopefully some Democrats will realize this before it’s too late. As for the Republican Party? WE THE PEOPLE are being dis-invited to that party as well.


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