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Elected officials should have a vision for Americans that doesn’t include government dependency.

December 24, 2015

Making America Mediocre... Again

Have you ever noticed how “compassionate” liberals only offer two alternatives for Americans – food stamps or starvation; public housing or homelessness; dependency on a government program or destitution? It’s sad that they can’t seem to get their vision up just a little higher.

The idea that success could actually be an alternative for Americans is buried by this purported choice between utter failure and just squeaking by. Ah, yes, but at least we’ll all be squeaking by together, comrade. (Well, except for the government elite.) So cozy.

Really? My choices are between starving or dependency on a government program? Have we really sunk so low in our believing and expectation? Is our vision for America and Americans really so dismal? Bah! Humbug!

Leaders who get people to focus on this dismal scale as if these were the only choices, do so to suck in a generation who already embrace a counterfeit tenderheartedness – a “compassion” that stems from a mix of confusion and guilt. Never having coped with life’s real hardships (like their grandparents did), they cry “injustice” at the perceived mistreatment of a bird or a bug. They missed mom and dad’s 60’s revolution, so they’ll create one of their own, however shallow it may be, and demand attention to their “just” cause.

Having their religion (secular, though it may be) and their politics mixed up, they want government to spread compassion and solve the world’s problems. But government’s purpose is not to spread compassion. Nor is it to make people happy. It’s function is to protect creator endowed rights (one of which is the right to pursue happiness), and is meant to do so for those within the contract of its own constitution – its citizens!

If you think Obama is doing a pretty good job, then government is suitably your god, and you’ll probably be OK with the idea of Hillary continuing the work. You may really believe that the only options to homelessness and starvation are the progressive messiahs. But as for me, I’d like to set my sights just a bit higher.

I don’t want government to solve my problems, or the world’s problems, and I certainly don’t want it to be the problem. But I would like its elected officials to be smart and successful, have experience in actually solving problems, and have a vision for Americans that doesn’t include continued dependency on government. You know: Independence! Success! WINNING!


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