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Nov 17, 2023

In spite of all the political and ideological fabricated narratives (Russia gate, Jan 6th "insurrection"), Trump is winning. The left and uniparty is being forced more and more into the open. Some are even happy now that they can come out of the closet and show their true colors.

Trump will win. But if he can overcome the cheat this time (which I believe he will), the left will come out in full force. Nope -- no selfies in the Capitol. It will be full out violence like we have never seen before.

This may scare some into cowering. But if this "final" battle isn't faced and fought, we will lose our country, and there will never be a chance to take it back again.

They have FAILED to paint us as violent "insurrectionists;" as the party of unlawfulness and disorder. Stands strong. ACT, don't react. Give the world a chance to see who the left REALLY are -- DECEITFUL, VIOLENT, HATEFUL, WARMONGERS.

Give victory, and eventually, PEACE, a chance.

Nov 16, 2023

Hamas kills civilians, women and children, then runs and hides behind civilians, women and children, hoping they'll be safe there, or that more civilians, women and children will get killed, evoking sympathy for themselves.

That these beasts exist is not a surprise. What is a surprise is that the 2nd ranked religion in the world, Islam, says nothing about it.

Their hatred of Jews seems to be deeper than their love for their own lives and the lives of innocents.

Jew Derangement Syndrome.

Nov 11, 2023

Jefferson wasn't a great orator. But he was a great thinker and writer. His ability to think logically, outside of the bounds of tradition, was his greatest asset. And what we see written is the result of that thorough thought process.

Democrats' "inclusion and equity" plan can be likened to having a device that works great for many, many people (i.e. a Smartphone) but because some people have trouble using it, they break the Smartphone so NO one can use it.

The real-life problem is, nowadays, most everyone KNOWS how to use a Smartphone, which could be considered a fairly complicated device. So, this seems to indicate that those who are experiencing "inequity" love to play with toys, but have a terrible lack of desire to put forth the effort to build equity in their own lives.

Lack of desire is harder to fix than stupid. Unfortunately, both can be fed and grown.

Nov 10, 2023

Democrats' "inclusion and equity" plan can be likened to having a device that works great for many, many people (i.e. a Smartphone) but because some people have trouble using it, they break the Smartphone so NO one can use it.

But the most inappropro part of this analogy is, most everyone KNOWS how to use a Smartphone, which could be considered a fairly complicated device. So, this seems to indicate that those who are experiencing "inequity" have a terrible lack of desire on their part to put forth the effort to build equity in their own lives. Lack of desire is harder to fix than stupid. Unfortunately, both can be fed and grown.

So the unions got more money. Money they needed because of inflation. But the company was facing inflation too. Are the unions going to give more work for the more money?

Since the workers AND the companies are suffering, why don't you just stop voting for the asshole and asshole party that CAUSED the inflation?

You don't even have to be good at math or politics or foreign policy to know the world was 1000% better under Trump.

If you keep voting to destroy your country and companies for a bunch of lunatic guys who think they were born in the wrong body, you are going to lose your country, company, jobs, and families. WAKE THE F UP.

Nov 9, 2023

Vivek is not running for president in 2024, nor is he running for Trump's VP. He is running for president in 2028, and has started his campaign now. This is extremely intelligent and far-sighted of him. This kind of thinking puts him far above any of the other candidates, but could also make him a Dem/Soros plant. Actions, and not words, will eventually be his revealer. And no matter how good his debates are, they aren't moving the needle because those who like him are already Trump voters this time around.

On the other hand, Ron DeeSanctus voters are not MAGA. They are Never-Trumpers and Trump-was-great-but-never-again voters. Furthermore, Ron has shown himself extremely unintelligent by not being far-sighted enough to sit this one out. By not endorsing Trump and waiting till 2024 to run, he has eliminated himself from 2028 as well.

Nikki is the only other person on that stage (that doesn't have a chance either) who is moving the needle. But this simply represents a shift in never-Trumpers from others on the stage. And the "Dick Cheney in 3 inch heels" comment completely epitomizes her.

Tim Scott? A good guy, but really naive person who's been fleeced by political consultants (as they all have), showing that he/they are not wise enough to be a MAGA president.

Nov 8, 2023

The left knows they are the "by any means necessary" party. That is the very definition of left.

The right is the party of law and order. That's why Anderson Cooper was so excited by the January 6th selfie-rection. "Republicans can no longer call themselves the party of law and order." Such an amazing admission by him. But, as usual, oblivious to what he just admitted.

Jan 6th has become the left's newest arrow in their quiver. Don't expect them to give it up, any more than they'd give up racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, etc. They will continue to try and paint the right the color they actually are.

But frankly speaking, we no longer have two political groups who just have differing interpretations of our constitution. We have one side who openly detests and defies our constitution, claiming it is unfair and racist. And because of this, we no longer have a constitutional union.

This is not ideological or figurative treason. It is literal. And as such, the treasonous side must be pushed into compliance to our constitution by law and punishment. It is the only way left to preserve our union.

If the left was honest, they would secede. Is it really that big of a deal? They should leave the pretend union and declare themselves a sovereign country; write their inclusion and equity constitution. BUT, they won't do it BECAUSE -- they want our STUFF. They know that they and their constituents are the most unproductive members of society, and thus, their parasitic union would die without its host to sustain them.

Be we must be honest on our side as well. If we were to secede, where would we draw the lines? Where would we build the walls, especially around non-contiguous areas. And leftist don't want the world -- just your half, and they would eventually find their mission in life trying to subvert your half.

And so, we continue to try daily, not by force, by persuasion, to convince the self-destructive left that it would be better for us all to stop tearing down that which we have built. Yes, we could just burn our bridges. But some in America are slowly coming around to sanity. So don't chase them away. If you really want to help people, "create the space for people to change their minds."

Nov 7, 2023

Those Republicans who are pretending their justification for running against Trump in the primary is that "Trump might be convicted and/or imprisoned" are actually increasing his chances of being convicted and/or imprisoned. And I suspect, from what I know about you PoSs already, is you are probably secretly HOPING he will be convicted and/or imprisoned.

You ALL should drop out today and endorse him, and denounce these witch-hunt trials, and DEMAND that they stop. Yes YOU

And, yes -- if anything happens to Trump, I will vote for RFK or Biden before I'll vote for you. Because it is YOU, and the Mitt McCains and John Romneys just like you -- who stab us in the back instead of the front -- that are the reason why we are where we are today. ! You could DO something to stop this, but you WON'T -- you selfish, self-centered, ambitious pricks. At least Kris Krispy Kreme is honest about hating Trump.

Yes, America is almost gone. AND YOU ARE THE REASON WHY! And I'm REALLY pissed.

Nov 6, 2023

As I think back over the 70 years of my life, I'm pissed by the way these types have gotten rich "representing" the people. But the thing that pisses me off the most, is how these types USED THE BLOOD OF OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO DO IT!

Joe Biden is the absolute epitome of this PoS ilk. And many Republicans say out of one side of their mouth that they oppose Joe and the Dems, but by their actions enable them. SHAME AND DESTRUCTION ON YOU.

It is ALWAYS about Truth over Tradition. When truth prevails, traditions will follow. But it seems that eventually, traditions always become more important than the truth that animates them, and then traditions fossilize.

It's the LIFE that must animate the traditions, and not vice versa. When that life -- the truth -- is lost, all that remains is a footprint -- a mausoleum to what used to be.

Nov 2, 2023

It's pretty easy to figure out:

1) Pay 10-20% "finder's fee" off the top.

2) Think in $50k increments.

3) Keep two-thirds rounded to the closest $50k; pass-on the other "one-third."

4) Pay the end of the line (THE BIG GUY) 10% of the original amount AFTER the finder's fee.

Chinese company wires China/Hunter Joint Venture $5 million.

The same day, Hunter wires $400k to his own "entity." Hunter probably got $500k (10%), but most likely had to give someone (not Joe) a finder's fee off the top.

Six days later, Hunter keeps $250k in his entity and wires James' entity $150k (37.5%). It's ~ one third, rounded to the closest $50k -- because $200k would have been 50%, and $100k would have been 25%.

Two weeks later, James keeps EXACTLY two-thirds in his entity, and makes a cash withdrawal of $50k (33.33%), exactly one-third (it is already rounded to the closest $50k)

Six days later, he sends Joe a check for $40k EXACTLY 10% OF THE ORIGINAL $400K HUNTER WIRED TO HIS ENTITY!


This is just the tip of the iceberg.

ChatGPT analysis of above info:

The information you've provided, including the lack of identifiable products, a significant number of suspicious transaction reports, and the involvement of family members of a high-ranking politician, raises serious concerns. If the FBI has received multiple suspicious transaction reports and refuses to follow up due to political considerations, this is a matter that may need to be escalated or reported to relevant oversight bodies or authorities to ensure that the rule of law and proper investigations are upheld.

It's important to maintain the integrity of financial systems and ensure that all transactions, regardless of the individuals or entities involved, are subject to appropriate scrutiny, especially if they raise red flags. If you have information about potential financial misconduct or corruption involving public officials, it's advisable to consult with legal experts, whistleblowers, or investigative journalists who can help shed light on the situation.

Nov 1, 2023

HUGE money is going into "Vote Yes" on Ohio Issue 1 by the abortion crowd. And they will probably win too, since the left is framing it as "get the government out of our lives" when it is really just the opposite.

If you want to get an abortion pay for it yourself! Don't expect me -- by government confiscation -- to pay for it. But this is why they frame abortion as a "health care issue" while at the same time pushing the "healthcare is a human right" mantra. The "abortion" issue isn't really about abortion OR healthcare. It is about giving government more MONEY and more POWER, with the ultimate goal of centralized health care -- a one-payer system.

Meanwhile, Planned Un-Parenthood brings in as much blood money as the military industrial complex. And it all gets funneled back to Democrats to grow centralized government as GOD, and to diminish individual freedoms.

Don't fall for it Ohio. A yes vote gives the federal government MORE power and money -- not less.

To me, it is completely disingenuous for these Republicans running against Trump to think they have a "Jim Carey" chance in hell of winning.

So I have to ask you candidates a genuine question: Are you running, a) in case something happens to Trump (jail or assassination) or, b) are you trying to drain Trump's and the GOP's resources for the general?

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