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All together now, “Prince John, BAD! Robin Hood, GOOD!”

September 19, 2012

Prince Obama and Romney Hood

History indicates the story of Robin Hood is very different than the 1938 Errol Flynn version. But it’s the version most are familiar with, and therefore the understanding that would be conveyed to most people when evoking the moniker, Romney Hood. So let’s be clear:

1) Prince John usurped the throne, taking over the government.

2) Prince John taxed the commoners to poverty and allowed the rich land owners who supported him to keep their lands, while banishing or killing the landowners who disagreed with him, seizing their lands.

3) It was Robin Hood that took back the money the government had seized, and the wealth that had been redirected to John’s supporters, and rightfully returned it to the people it was taken from.

4) Robin Hood also organized a rebellion to dispose of Prince John.

Now say with me in your best George H. W. Bush voice (preferably the Dana Carvey version), “Prince John, BAD! Robin Hood, GOOD!”

If you haven’t watch the Errol Flynn version of Robin Hood lately, watch it again, and vote your conscience. As for me, I’m voting for Romney Hood. He’s got four years to do the job, else I’m firing him too!


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