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Most people have no problem letting government do their dirty work.

October 10, 2012

Jobs, Economy, and Taxes

How did we ever get to the point of expecting others to pay for the things we need, even “basic” things? Contraception? If you can’t afford your own contraception, maybe you need a job/better job? Maybe what we need here is less programs and more jobs! When you remove a human being from the work/reward process, you take something very meaningful and fulfilling away from them. Everyone needs a job, and those who can work should work. Those who work cannot indefinitely sustain those who don’t. And please remember, government jobs are sustained by private sector taxes.

Yes, it is my money. It wasn’t handed to me. I worked my ass off for it. And yes, I did build that! Road, street, bridge, you name it. I paid for it, and at a much higher administrative cost than I should have paid. Government doesn’t handle business well at all, since its existence isn’t dependent on its profitability and productivity. When the Soviet government took over the Ukrainian farms in 1930, millions of people starved to death. Some believe that it was a deliberate move of Stalin to reduce Ukrainian population because of rising Ukrainian nationalism. But, government corruption, or government incompetence, either way – government!

Economies are complex. I rarely drink soft-drinks. It is my decision, and my motive for not drinking them frequently is my heath. But if the government decided to abolish the soft drink industry tomorrow, it would cause a global catastrophe. Not just share holders, but employees, truck drivers, sugar producers, container producers, fast food chains, bars and restaurants, grocery stores. The list goes on and on. Same with the oil industry, tech industry, and on and on and on. And all those employees, and the things they buy from other industries, etc., all affected. Sorry, I’m not going out tonight to buy a Big Mac and a Coke to stimulate our economy. I’m stimulating it in other ways – organic food, and maybe an occasional chili dog. But the point is, the economy is organic and dynamic, and usually, the slow adjustments it makes to itself are the healthiest. The private sector is very good at handling this dynamic element because it knows it must stay dynamic to stay competitive, productive, and profitable.

Taxes? Let’s do the math. I’ll use round figures. Fifty percent don’t pay income tax. Fifty percent do. Fifty percent of the taxes paid are paid by the top 5% earners. How is that fair? What is fair is percent – a flat tax. If I make $35,000, I pay $3,500. If I make $350,000, I pay $35,000. What is the incentive to make more money, if the percentage rate goes up when I make more? Some have even suggested a national sales tax – i.e. I don’t pay taxes on what I earn, but on what I buy, when I buy it. Something to think about.

Class envy doesn’t motivate honest people. Yet, many who consider themselves honest, don’t feel bad about envying the rich. They might not steal from the rich, but they have no problem, even feel absolution, letting government do their dirty work. If President Obama gave 30% (instead of 20%) of his income to charity like Mitt Romney, perhaps he would only pay 14% in taxes. If Joe Biden gave 30% to charity instead of 1.3%? Well, anyway, you get the idea.

I think we are getting to the real crux of the matter here: Government wants your charitable contributions, too! Oh, maybe they don’t care about little you and me, or if you are their supporter and give to causes they approve. But they don’t want someone giving 30% (especially 30% of $42 million) to one’s own chosen charity. They think you have no right to have that much money to begin with, or to decide which causes to give it to. The “collective” will decide if the cause is publically just. Once again, group policy and social governing over individual rights. They have a long list of “approved” causes and groups – ones that support them and keep them in power. But we all, including the recipients, pay for those handouts, and the cost is political slavery.

People frequently misquote the scripture in 1st Timothy 6:10, saying: “Money is the root of all evil.” But it doesn’t say that. It says: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” What people love, they trust in. I’ve also found over the years, that far more people love money who don’t have it, than those who do. We frequently love things we don’t have, dreaming about them, thinking, that once we have them, our life will be complete. And all too often, it’s what we have, and have become accustomed to, that we love the least. Think about it.


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