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Inheriting problems is a basic function of and requirement for leadership.

November 3, 2012

Who Does Obama Really Think Should Be President?

I hope this election is a landslide, and not as close as the last few elections have been. The only reason they’ve been so close is because issues that have nothing to do with government’s function are polarizing our country. If your choice seems difficult, it is because it is being made difficult by groups who want government to be the prime mover in their social agenda. That polls can change almost daily is an indication that the polls are flawed, or that the American people are seriously fickle and vacillating. Honestly, if you haven’t decided by now who you are voting for, you probably can’t even dress yourself in the morning.

Let me make it simple for you: You are NOT voting for a personality. You are voting for a form of government. But if you insist on voting for a personality, let me help you out there: Obama can sing. Mitt can’t. Obama likes to hang out and have a beer. Mitt doesn’t drink. Obama is not “black enough,” according to Morgan Freeman. Mitt is pretty white, except when he was accused of using too much sun darkener when talking to Hispanics. Obama’s wife dresses real nice, and they have 2 daughters. Mitt’s wife dresses real nice, and they have 5 sons. Obama is rich. Mitt is really rich. Obama graduated with a law degree from Harvard. Mitt graduated with an MBA from Harvard. Obama was a law professor and a senator. Mitt was a businessman and a governor. Hum... you still can’t dress yourself, can you?

But the real question on my mind is, Who does Obama really think should be president?

Inheriting problems is a basic function of and requirement for leadership in business and politics. It’s why one gets hired. There is no question in my mind that President Obama, like everyone that has ever held the office of President of the United States, lies awake at night feeling inadequate for the job. Maybe he even believes in his heart that Mitt Romney is more capable at recovering our economy and creating jobs for the middle-class than he is. Perhaps the President would rather have less jobs, with his control, than more jobs without it.

At any rate, we need the jobs, Mr. President. Twelve million of them. Obstructing the upper and middle-classes doesn’t help the poor. When employers need to expand, they will get employees at nearly any cost, including training them. Of course they will hire the middle-class workers first; those who had jobs before our economy collapsed, and already have the skills and experience necessary. That’s the intelligent thing to do. Businesses only grow when those in charge make intelligent decisions. But as businesses continue to grow, and the pool of potential employees shrinks, these companies will need to hire and train more employees. But if you play class leap-frog, promoting the less qualified by government mandate, the whole system gets dumbed-down, and we are all screwed.

We are in really bad shape here, Mr. President. We’d better help who we can first, and then maybe we can all try to help those still in need of education and skills. The truth is, if there are no jobs, there is no tax revenue to pay for anything – unless you plan on borrowing even more from China.

We’ll, it’s a moot point anyway. In a few days, the people will choose. If Obama – 4 more years of obstructionism with more and more people hurting, especially the middle-class. If Romney – 4 years of some serious triage.


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