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For most, happiness is not based on what they have, but on what they don’t have.

November 5, 2012

Let Them Eat... Obama-Cake?

This election is much like the French Revolution – only without the rich who don’t care, and the poor who are actually poor. We have no social issues so pressing that a job won’t help solve. And those who believe their individual issues are more important than the economy, either are getting free stuff from the government, or are such ideologues that they would suffer and let everyone else suffer for their causes.

We are truly a spoiled rotten, entitled generation, whipped up with envy. We have, yet we see someone else who has more, and we become unhappy with what we have. And now we add to envy revenge? For what? For things that haven’t even happened to us?

My grandmother died at age 55. I was only 5, but remember her vividly. She was poor, but always positive and thankful, and I never felt poor around her. Whenever I went to her house, she would serve us a treat we termed as “hot water,” which was hot water, with a little milk and sugar. Not something I enjoy now, but then it was the most delicious drink in the world, and my grandma’s presence made it that way.

For most people, happiness is not based on what they have, but on what they don’t have. And people don’t want what they have no knowledge of. We live in a world based on making people feel dissatisfied with what they have, so that they will want more. It’s called marketing, and we use it not only to sell products, but ideas.

Today’s so-called diversity is simply a global marketing ploy – homogenizing cultures to sell products and ideas, and it has plowed under more cultures and ideas than trees in the rain forest.

Yes, someday we probably will have a one-world government, where we all sit around and apologize for the things our ancestors did to each other, but we ourselves will produce nothing but acceptance for those who eat the same food and listen to the same music as we do, and revenge for those who don’t.

But for now, the pressing question is: Will it be 4 more years of Obama-Cake, or 4 to 8 years of Tir-Rom-ney-su?


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