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Once again, America has cut off its ideological nose to spite its ideological face.

November 7, 2012

What’s Gov Got Ta Do With It?

In spite of solemn protests from nearly half of her friends, yesterday Tina Turner reunited with abusive husband, Ike Turner. “He understands me. And he’s done so much for me,” she said. But hard pressed for the truth, she finally confessed, “Well, at least I know what to expect from him.” Yes you do, Tina. Yes you do.

Once again, America has cut off its ideological nose to spite its ideological face. The saddest part about this election was not that there was no change, but that there was no demand for any. No one said, “If you don’t stop your beatin’ on me, I’m leavin’ ya for good this time.” Nothing has changed. Just 4 more years of gridlock and blame; little hope, and the only change is the little bit left in your pocket after grocery shopping.

But on the positive side: The President will take care of you. He’ll take as much money as he can from those who would like to invest that money in expansion and jobs, and he’ll spend it for education and training on jobs that don’t exist! And our auto industry? If it can’t compete, or no one can buy a new car because they are unemployed or under-employed, no problem – he’ll just bail her out again. China has lots of money they are dying to loan us – at least for now. Oh, and Bill and Todd will finally be able to get married. They’ll be unemployed, but at least they will have the government’s stamp of acceptance on their foreclosed nest.

And what will your friends think 4 years from now? Probably the exact same way they do now: “I know he done hit me, but he’s a good man deep inside. I just know he is.” Whatever good happens over the next 4 years will be because of the hardworking givers, out-giving the takers.

Of course, whatever good or bad happens over the next 4 years, President Obama will take all of the credit, and none of the blame.

Well, you’ve made your bed, now lie in it. Sure, it has the same lumps and bumps it had for the last 4 years, but you never know what to expect from a new mattress, right? We get the kind of government we think we deserve. Well, at least half of us did.


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