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Maybe union members need a union to protect them from their union?

November 10, 2012

Welcome To The Union States Of Obamaca

When I was a young man, I was fortunate to know an elderly man who was instrumental in the union movement in Colorado in the early 1900’s. There were serious labor abuses in those days, and the movement really helped to balance things. Of course, today, the abuses (both of company and worker) mostly come from the unions.

I remember in the 1970’s when the unions had such a tight grip on the auto industry. The wages were ridiculously high, but worse, the work quality was laughable. The fat-cat union leaders and workers thought they had it made, resting on their laurels with the company’s nuts in their vise-grips. We’ve all heard the stories, or experienced firsthand: “I can’t sweep that up, it’s not in my contract.”

(If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. I know there are some real hardworking union people out there, but many feel like they are forced to be in unions and have no say at all in their union’s direction. Maybe they need a union to protect them from their union? )

Ah-So. Then came Japan. Someone who would work for less, work longer hours, and make a quality product. Why? Maybe after such defeat in WW2, they were hungry for success, and when they saw the complacency of American union workers, they knew they could compete. It didn’t take long for foreign auto manufacturers to get the quality up. After all, they didn’t have much to surpass. They kept making better and better automobiles, and their sales went up and up. Of course, bewildered American union leaders and workers blamed the rich corporate bosses of mismanagement. (Maybe this is where Obama got his first lesson in politics.)

Growing up, I remember my dad complaining to my mom sometimes about how lazy many of the union workers at his job were. I’ve never met a harder worker than my dad. Six, seven days a week, for many years. He would go to work even if he was sick as a dog. I only remember him missing one day of work, and that was because he was so sick, he literally couldn’t get out of bed. Why did he do this year after year? Love. He loved my mom, and he loved us kids. My dad is still alive and healthy at 86. Maybe hard work isn’t so bad for you, nor is love for your family.

I recently received a newsletter from one of the country’s leading online employment services that read as follows:

“Best Colleges for Good Times Now, Good Pay Later: Toga, toga, toga and a top paycheck, too? Absolutely. It’s possible to combine a party-packed undergrad experience with a great-paying job after graduation if you attend a school offering a great social scene that also stands out for the high earnings potential of its graduates.”

Oh, God, we are a nation of idiots.


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