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What would happen if people ran their households the way our government is run?

November 15, 2012

Revenge Is Semi-sweet

"Voting is the best revenge." Barack Hussein Obama - 2012 Presidential Election

"We have no choice but to lay people off." American Businesses - Post 2012 Presidential Election

Voters, whatever kind of revenge you were looking for, you got it. Against dead slave owners of the eighteen hundreds, border guards, cops, bigots and homophobs -- oh, did I mention rich-people? Yep, you screwed those rich bastards good! Business after business is announcing layoffs. Oh, and you screwed the middle class and the poor, too. No jobs, no tax revenue, and even less tax revenue from the rich, as their profits fall. You do know that business taxes are paid on profits, right? And that personal taxes are based on income, right? So even raising taxes on the rich and the middle class won't create an offset now. But you can sleep good at night knowing all the world's injustices have been avenged by your vote.

On a positive note for the economy, the national news media has announced an unintended benefit of Obama's 2012 election win. They will simply replay all news recorded over the last four years, which will require only a minimum of editing. "We just need to play it in reverse order, as unemployment goes back up."

So who got screwed? Really? The middle class without jobs, and you without a job, and eventually without your government assistance too. Where will the money come from for your government check? Obama has a "stash" somewhere, right? Sorry, without sustainable tax revenue, the only stash Obama has left is other government programs and China's piggy bank. We don't have any money left in the Medicare and Social Security piggy bank. That money was raided years ago. All that is left in that account is I.O.U.s (That's I OWE YOU, for those who don't understand advanced finance.) The money that is "there" is simply a promise to pay it back from future tax revenues, as we continue to borrow money from China to try and keep up with payments. That's what the fiscal cliff is all about – whether or not we are going to raise the debt limit so we can borrow more money to pay for the things we have promised everyone.

Do voters not realize this stuff? Of course they don't. They don't even care to learn basic accounting. "It's all too complicated. Just let the smart people in Government deal with it." Smart people? In government? (Rolling on floor with laughter.) "Just keep sending out the checks." And when the checks stop? You can take to the streets like they are doing in Greece and throw firebombs at the police and government buildings. That will get the non-existent money flowing again.

Does anyone out there know what would happen if they ran their household finances the way our government is run? OK, let's try it:

First, take your paycheck and give it to your poor neighbors. Why they are poor, we can deal with latter – maybe they are poor because they don't want to work, or maybe they have a legitimate reason for not working, like THERE ARE NO JOBS – but we will deal with that consideration at another time. The point is, you have money, they don't, so let's give it to them. Remember, we are running our personal finances like the government runs theirs.

Second, borrow money from another country to pay for your deficit in supplying your needs and wants: groceries, rent, car payment, clothes, a movie now and then, etc.

Third, borrow more money from that other country just to pay for the interest on the money you owe them so you don't go into default. (Hopefully, the interest on your loan isn't 4 trillion dollars, and compounding today at 1.3 billion dollars per day, like the interest on the government's loans.)

Finally, sabotage your employer's business because that bastard is rich. Whoops, there goes your job, and everyone else's who works there. Hopefully no one else in your neighborhood works there.

Where is the common sense of this generation? TV, MTV, public schools, and now the Internet is busy brainwashing it right out of them. If only Romney would have said that 47 percent of Americans are just plain stupid!

There is only one way to win back this country. It's not to pander to the socially, politically, and financially ignorant. But to try and educate as many of the 47 percent as you can. But as long as they are getting free stuff, I'm not sure they'll really be interested. Perhaps the voters themselves have ordered the most persuasive educator one can experience – consequences.


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