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Maybe that’s why Bill supported “the amateur,” so Hillary can rescue us from him.

November 17, 2012

You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

Since starting this diary 2 months ago, I’ve had some interesting “coincidences,” but yesterday tops them all. Yesterday I still had hope for this country. Today I’m not so sure.

Keep in mind that I live in Ohio. The state that cinched the election for the President. In fact, I live in Franklin county, the district that many said would be the deciding county for Ohio.

Yesterday, I bought a used washing machine off of the Internet. Got a great price, delivery included. The gentleman arrived with the washing machine, and we started unloading the washer. He was a friendly fellow, outgoing and very talkative. He said this is what he did for a living, reconditioning appliances, and that he made a pretty good living at it. So I made a comment about the election and how we’d all be paying more taxes now that Obama was president. Then he proceeds to tell me:

“I’ll never pay taxes ever again. I’ve got three Obama phones, get food stamps, and a monthly check from the government. That’s the way the n-ggers do it, brother. You know what I mean?”

Keep in mind, this guy is a white male, talking very loudly in my predominately black neighborhood. I was absolutely dumbfounded. Then he proceeds to tell me what I need to do.

“You work?” he asked me.


“Collecting unemployment?”


“You married?”


“Is your old lady working?”


“You need to get divorced, and just live together. If you are single, you get more money.”

I just stood there, my mouth open. I didn’t know what to say.

Here’s a creative individual that believes in Capitalism and Socialism. The best of both worlds. Has he, with the Democrats’ encouragement, created a completely new form of government? A Democan? Republicrat? A Commu-Capitist? He’s seen others abuse the system, and now is using that as an excuse to do the same, while still making “a pretty good living.” No doubt, there are many others out there doing the same.

The problem is cascading, and I don’t see any way to stop it other than to end the programs. Stop the give-aways. How else can you change the minds of people that are getting free stuff? And we have a president that is actually encouraging this behavior; even got elected as a result of it. Good for you Mitt Romney, for telling it like it is. And shame on you Republicans for not standing up for him!

Maybe taxes should stop until the give-aways stop? Can they put 53% of the nation in jail? I’d almost be willing to vote for Bill Clinton right about now. What happened to Bill’s Welfare Reform? Maybe that’s the plan. Maybe that’s why Bill supported “the amateur,” so Hillary can rescue us from him. First woman president? Bill’s policies? No more Obama? That sounds “electable.” Yeah, that’s the ticket.

P.S. Within hours of writing this article, the washer’s water pump went out.


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