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Thanksgiving is continued recognition of God's grace upon one's life.

November 21, 2012


Yesterday my wife (who is from Ukraine) said to me, "It seems to me that your American Thanksgiving holiday is just an eating day. I thought it would be a day when everyone would share about what they are thankful for." I answered her, "I think that's what it used to be."

There are many things in life that I don't understand, but one thing I have experienced consistently: the more thankful I am, whatever my circumstances, the more I have to be thankful for. However, the more I focus on what I don't have, or take for granted the things I do have, the less I end up with.

Our entitled generation seems to take for granted and think they are entitled to everything. It's just the opposite of thanksgiving. If I have it, it's not enough. If I don't, I deserve it, I want it, and it's your fault I don't have it. Now I have the government's help to take it away from you.

The first day of Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Puritan colonist as one of thanksgiving to God, and a continued recognition of God's grace upon their lives.

Mankind's dependency on mankind (though ever so religious) is the pinnacle of arrogance and unbelief. It looks so caring, but is in fact, the Marxist attempt to practice the principles of God outside of the presence of God; to forsake God who is a fountain of living waters, and to hew out for one's self a broken cistern that can hold no water. For those who put their trust in people, the cistern is leaking, and it will soon be empty.

Recognition of God as the source, the Fountain, and complete dependence on Him, is not only the key to lasting freedom and abundance, but of joy and peace. Entitlement is simply a road to poverty and bondage, for all individuals, no matter how rich or poor, and for all nations, no matter how mighty and enlightened they may think they are.

God is blessing America – as much as He can.


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