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I’ve long considered the idea of having a successful businessman as president.

November 28, 2012

Can I Finish?
Can I Finish?

I wish Ross Perot could have finished in 1992. We’d have a balanced budget amendment, term limits, state-tested pilot programs for health care, a secure border, and no doubt, a thriving economy with jobs still in America. Running as the Reformed Party candidate, spring 1992 polls showed Perot leading the race, followed by President George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton in third place. In the election, Perot got nearly 20% of the popular vote (including my vote), and when voters were asked in exit polls who they would have voted for if they would have voted their conscience, a significant number of those who voted for Bush/Clinton said they would have voted for Perot. In fact, the 1994 mid-term Republican sweep of the House was due to the “Contract With America,” a national contact parroting many of the ideas that Perot had rallied his campaign on. (How many of those eight promises did the Republicans keep?)

Some blamed Bill Clinton’s win on Ross Perot, saying he stole votes from George H. W. Bush, but again the exit polls indicated that was not the case, and that those who voted for Perot would have split evenly between Bush/Clinton had Perot not been a candidate. The main reason Bill won was because of Bush’s “read my lips” recession. But I think it’s also interesting to note that Clinton also receive more votes from women than any candidate in history (only exceeded by our current singing, dancing, talk-show hosting, President Barack Oh-bam-bam). I was shocked by some of the reasons women said they had voted for Clinton. (i.e. “I think he’s hot!”) Again, personality leadership took precedent and president.

As an Independent, I’ve long considered the idea of having a skillful and successful businessman in office, and so I thought this 2012 election would be a great chance to fix some things that would benefit all Americans, and to see what he could do – Mitt Romney that is. But I would have voted for Donald Trump, too. At any rate, it has been three weeks since the election, and I’ve had plenty of time to think about why Mitt Romney lost the election, and it didn’t have anything to do with Mitt Romney.

If registered Republicans and Independents who stayed at home would have voted, Romney would have won by a considerable margin. So I believe the Obama victory was made possible for the following reasons:

1) Some selfish Republican and Independent union members (mostly in Ohio and Pennsylvania) voted for Obama because they didn’t care about jobs, only their jobs. They knew if their industry failed again, Obama would come to their rescue again!

2) Some Republicans and Independents voted for Obama, or didn’t vote at all, because they got onboard the entitlement train, and didn’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.

3) Some conservatives didn’t think Mitt was conservative enough, so they didn’t vote in order to “send a message” and thus voted for Obama by default.

4) Some Christians didn’t vote because they didn’t want an “antichrist Mormon” president, so instead, they got THE Antichrist. (I’m kidding... I hope.)

5) There is no number 5. That’s pretty much it.

So, what will it take to get the country back in 2016? A gay, Hispanic, celebrity, Republican candidate? Are you kidding? Republicans would never vote for a Republican! So what’s it going to take to save this country?

1) Union members: Wake up. You are puppets of a system that is destroying this country, and will eventually consume your jobs.

2) Republican and Independents on the entitlement train: When I was a kid my cousin and I hopped on a slow moving freight train, just to ride a few blocks closer to home. Problem was, it kept going faster and faster till it was going too fast for us to jump off, and we ended up 150 miles away from home. Get off the train now! The longer you stay on, the harder it will be to get off.

3) Conservatives: The next candidate will not be perfect either. Don’t vote for Hillary in 2016 just to send a message.

4) Christians: The next conservative candidate probably won’t be a Mormon, but I’m sure he/she won’t be perfect, and will probably belong to some other group you’ll have issue with. If that weren’t true, maybe there would be no denominations.

I don’t think we’ll ever get a chance like Ross Perot or Mitt Romney again. But if you really feel the need to send a message in the 2014 mid-terms or in 2016, either burn yourself in the street like Jan Palach did in Prague to protest communism in Czechoslovakia, or vote for the least liberal candidate. But voting for the other party (by commission, or omission by not voting) doesn’t accomplish a thing. I don’t think too many disappointed Obama supporters voted for Romney – other than Obama himself.


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