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Outside of money, most don’t see any value in work, for themselves or society.

December 5, 2012

You Didn’t Write That

All conflict, including war, starts with someone wanting something that belongs to someone else.

I know of no rational system of jurisprudence that does not allow someone to defend what is theirs. But the conflict becomes complicated when someone contends that what is yours, was not yours to begin with. Thus the unending wars in the middle-east, and now the ideological conflict in America with the “You didn’t build that” argument. Barack Obama really believes that you didn’t built that. He believes the collective built it,

and you profited from it, therefore the profit is not yours, and therefore government has a right to redistribute that profit. He believes this is why minorities are poor, because you are greedy, and didn’t pay your fair share, and so minorities didn’t get their fair share of the pie. It’s someone else’s because you didn’t bake it, or if you did bake it, someone else gave you the flour, eggs, supplied the oven, etc. My God, boys and girls, can you say Soviet Union?

Obama (or whoever is pulling his strings) truly is a visionary – looking far down the road to accomplish his goals. In both his conduct in office, and in this past election, he has set the unethical standard that “the means are justified by the ends” – that it’s OK to lie, cheat, and steal – whoops, redistribute – as long as in doing so, you help the less fortunate, those who missed out on life’s “lottery.”

This is how you capture the future minds of America. By calling evil good, and good evil, you build a foundation for secularism and socialism. It may still be a generation or so away, but the groundwork has been laid for years. Sadly, today’s young have been effectively convince that this is just a generational difference, instead of a loss of liberty. They think they are more free, even though they are becoming more and more enslaved.

The Marxist argument is that if you end ownership, you end the conflict. But in a socialist society, those in government still prosper, and are the only ones who do. This corruption is still prevalent in Putin’s Russia and Yanukovych’s Ukraine. And even if these systems did seem to be working, they still rob the individual of the right to choose – liberty! – the right to succeed or fail, to win or lose, to earn a just reward. This is not even to mention the positive benefits on society when individuals do succeed.

Many good people are discouraged by our growing entitlement train. Some have even said “To hell with this! I’m tired of this crap. I’m tired of pulling a wagon full of free-loaders. I’m getting in the wagon, too.” But the problem is, you are giving your children and grandchildren the burden, or giving them socialism, or communism, or etc-ism.

Even work itself cannot be given to you. It has to be earned. It is called trust, stewardship, and it must be proven. Obama’s contention for the lower class is the same as most complainers – no one will give them a chance. Or the “I can’t get a job without experience, but I can’t get experience without a job” argument. But the truth is, less and less people want to work. And now they don’t need to. So if necessity is the mother of invention, then entitlement not only keeps people from finding out what they are good at, but from invention as well.

Outside of money, most don’t see any other value in work, for themselves or society. Oh, they want to be an actor, or a pop star, but they really don’t want to contribute to solving life’s real problems. They want to win the lottery, or become the American Idol, but to find something that is really useful and fulfilling to themselves and society is outside of the scope of their thinking. What they really want is attention, and to get paid while getting it. It’s our pop culture mentality, where we consider the rich and the famous our peers, but those who are only rich, we consider greedy.


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