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The Democrat Party is still the party of slavery, only expanded to include every race.

December 9, 2012

You Couldn’t Build That

I recently wrote an article on why Romney lost the election and the various reasons Republican and Independent voters stayed home. This is probably the last time I’ll address the election, although the fact that the president is still out campaigning makes it a little difficult. But last night I started thinking about why Obama voters are Obama voters. You know, the 47% that would never vote for Romney no matter what.

If you were looking for immediate gratification (perhaps a government handout) then Obama was the plain choice. But if you were looking down the road a bit, and really wanted to make a future for yourself and your family, simple accounting shows Romney was the right choice. So why did those who voted for Obama vote for Obama?

Many people have such low self-esteem and low expectations in life, that they can’t imagine that through their own talents and hard work they could succeed like Mitt Romney. That’s why they prefer to identify with someone like Obama, because in their hearts they really feel they are nobody (yes, even victims), and that if they are ever going to succeed, someone will have to come along and “drop it” on them. That’s why many of these people play the lottery and gamble. That’s why they look to celebrities as their peers. After all, celebrities were “discovered.”

There are many rich people who share this attitude. They didn’t succeed through principle and hard work. They were “more fortunate,” or they “caught a break” and “won life’s lottery.” And they believe that for the “less fortunate” to even make it to the bottom rung of the middle-class, someone will have to “drop it” on them. Of course, they insist that every other rich person share this view, feel their guilt, and give their “fair share” of what was “dropped on” them. And they don’t want others to do it by charitable giving (30% in Mr. Romney’s case) to one’s own chosen charity. No, it has to go through the government machine, to make sure the cause is properly sanctioned – a cause that gives government more power, and individuals less.

But perhaps some rich liberals have another agenda. Maybe some don’t want the poor to make it past the bottom rung of the middle-class. Maybe some don’t want competition from other rich people either, especially those rich who believe in personal responsibility and freedom, that encourage the poor and middle-class to move up. So by holding down the poor and middle-class, and by taking from other rich people, they’ve killed three birds with one stone. They’ve eliminated the competition.

I was shocked that Joe Biden got away with making his statement, “They gonna put you all back in chains.” The only chains here are the ones people put on themselves or that they allow others to put on them. And these kinds of chains cannot be broken with government handouts or lotteries, because these chains exist in the human heart, and are re-enforced by groups who benefit from them. Honestly, just like they were during the civil war, the Democrat Party is still the party of slavery, only it’s been expanded to include every race and creed.

I’ve had my share of things “dropped on” me. Not from government, but by the love of those who cared. I’ve also helped others when I’ve been in a position to do so, and get great joy in doing so. And I’ve seen that when I give, even more comes back to me. But not so with government extraction. There is no joy, and anything government creates gives back less, and requires even more feeding as it grows. In nature (the ultimate private sector), plant a kernel of corn, water it and care for it, and get back thousands of kernels. But in government, plant a whole ear of kernels, and if you are lucky, you might get back one kernel, and you’ll pay taxes on the whole ear. Most people (well 47%) just don’t understand basic economics and the purpose of government.

But getting back to low self-esteem and why people voted for Obama. Self-confident people need little validation from others. Many times, the less help you accept from others, the more likely you are to succeed in your endeavor. Confidence and self-reliance bring out your most creative and innovative self, and will produce unique and superior work. And when you produce something superior, society will benefit, and you will prosper.

Why is it that some feel they can accomplish anything in life, while others believe they can accomplish nothing? I think television has been a major factor in creating passivity and destroying our initiative. It has removed us from direct experience, substituting mediated experiences. It has become an artificial authority. It has allowed others to raise our children. It has homogenized cultures into consumer units, and created lucrative dependencies, all intertwined with monopolies of power. This system extends far beyond government. In a sense, government has really just become an extension of it.

Many think that money and legislation fix everything, but they fix very little. The change must take place on the inside, in the heart. Most think your heart is where you “feel" and that it can’t be changed. But your heart, which is ultimately determined by your thinking, is who you are, and is in turn the determining factor of what you manifest on every level of your life, including materially.

You are what you believe. If you really believe you are a victim, you will continue to live like one – in chains. If you really think you have to wait till someone “drops it on you,” you’ll wait, and you’ll be waiting a long time, or, you’ll be the slave of those who do drop things on you... for a price. Your soul, your mind, your talent, your resources – your vote.


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