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Centralized power becomes a one-stop-shopping point of access to tyrants.

December 15, 2012

Government 101 v. Government 44

I realize the world of Joe, Bob, and Tom (see last Article – Economics 101) is pretty simplistic. But still, people are fairly good at solving problems when they want to and when they have to. But when we don’t have to (government does it for us), our facility and desire to deal with problems atrophies. It’s a catch 44 (as in 44th president) situation.

1) As personal incentive atrophies, government grows.

2) As government grows, the people lose their incentive and power (even if they voted for government to grow), and will eventually lose their power to vote (except for maybe token voting).

3) Power will become centralized, and become a one-stop-shopping point of access to tyrants.

The words “WE THE PEOPLE” will become a travesty.

Our society is changing. Most would rather have a benevolent dictator than freedom. A “Moon Over Parador” type father-figure. Social disintegration, fostered by liberal attitudes, has created a desire to make government family, and government programs breadwinners and nannies. A benevolent dictator might make a seemingly strong father (until he dies, and is replaced by a not-so-nice dad-tator), but individuals using their freedom for betterment, make a much stronger society, and one that won’t disappear just because one of us dies, or decides to become lawless.

There are basically 4 types of people in a free economic society:
1) Those who create jobs.
2) Those who want jobs
3) Those who can’t work.
4) Those who don’t want to work

Society (not government) has an obligation to take care of those in category 3, for society’s own good. But the current administration’s policies are obstructing the life’s blood of society – category 1 and 2 – and are encouraging category 4, even in the work place.

This country’s economic need is not government redistribution. It’s jobs. People need jobs. They need to work. It’s good for them mentally, physically, financially, and morally. They need the fulfillment of finding out what they are good at. Maybe they’ll work for someone else, or maybe start a business of their own, but they need to share their abilities, talents, and ideas with the country and world. Government, under the guise of trying to help the have-nots, is killing the capable, and promoting the incapable, lazy, and even the dishonest. And now add to this mess Colorado’s and Washington State’s stoned ambition tour. Oh, boy.

In our 24-hour media drama circus, we’ve been led to believe that whatever injustice exists (be it a hanging or a hangnail) should be a federal case. But believe it or not, there are good honest local people who care about people, and usually can resolve the problem on a local level, where both the problem and solution are relevant. When these grievances can’t be resolved locally, we can petition up the chain – even all the way to the supreme court. The system of justice is already in place. But instead, the federal government is using its almighty, all pervasive, pre-preemptive powers to sidestep the constitution and local and state governments, and to favor special interests for their votes. By centralizing power, this government is immobilizing good, capable citizens, draining their talents and resources. Everyone will suffer in the long term.


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