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Like baby-proofing a house, liberals have set out to baby-proof the entire culture.

December 16, 2012

Our Padded Cell Culture

No reason to be bewildered by the rise in mass shootings. All mass shooters have 2 common motives:

1) RESENTMENT: They feel inadequate and blame others for their problems (job loss, family breakup, relationship failure, financial failure, societal failure, being cast out of heaven, etc.).

2) REVENGE: They feel empowered when they hurt others, as if to say, “It’s payback time. Now it’s your turn to feel helpless.” And in true Luciferian fashion, they commit this destruction knowing it will be their last act, and in taking as many innocents with them as they can, laying the blame for the innocents at the feet of their intended target – “See what you’ve made me do.”

These characteristics are becoming quite popular in our culture. Even encouraged. They recently fostered a victory in the 2012 presidential election. Remember? “It’s rich people’s fault you’re not successful. They aren’t paying their fair share. Voting is the best revenge!”

The idea of personal responsibility is becoming antiquated. Our government says so. “We need more money, and more programs.” Or we need “safer bullets” (just in case some of you aren’t old enough to remember Surgeon General, Jocelyn Elder’s brilliant comment). But as we keep treating the symptoms instead of the cause, we keep taking away the resources and freedoms of the responsible, instead of simply taking away the freedoms of the lawless.

A reasonable society puts people who are mentally ill in an institution so they won’t hurt others, and when necessary, we put them in a padded cell so they won’t hurt themselves. But the liberal solution to a disintegrating culture (which is the result of their own ideology), is to make culture one big padded cell for everyone to live in – the sane and insane. Like baby-proofing a house, liberals have set out to baby-proof the entire culture by removing all possible things that the irresponsible might hurt others and themselves on (except for drugs and underage sex), and by subjecting the responsible to the same treatment.

For decades, liberals have been saying that repression is the problem. Yet, the more unrepressed we become as a society, the more oppressed we become. Liberals refuse to accept this correlation, and simply feel that their policies aren’t dominant enough yet to really prove themselves. But their policies now completely dominate our current culture, so how could the effects not be corollary? What we see here is a political ideology that has become a religion of blind devotion. If repression is the problem, maybe these shooters are just acting out their repression. We should just let them scream, and shout, and let it all out! If spanking is so bad for children, creating repressed violence, why has violence increased as spankings have decreased?

Interestingly, the need for 24 hour news has grown as the liberal ideology grows. And 24 hour news is a lucrative biz, so it’s no wonder that the mainstream media is the sure and steadfast bedfellow of liberal ideology. Accuracy isn’t important. They’ve gotta get it to you fast and first. The drama goes something like this:

1) Each crisis must be named, like a movie title: à la, Showdown at the OK Corral. Thus, Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary (ellipsis: Coming soon to a theater near you).

2) It must have a poignant theme song, à la, Truman-esque (as in The Truman Show movie).

3) It must show pictures of a victim’s family member(s) at their most vulnerable moments, à la, Nick Ut’s famous Vietnam war photo (naked child crying).

4) And last, but not least, these fine specimens of humanity (AKA: Reporters) must choke up, a faint Pulitzer gleam reflected in the tear running down their cheek, as they ask a victim’s family member, or a friend of a victim, or a victim’s 2nd cousin’s former roommate, “How do you feel, what’s going through your mind right now?” As if the interviewee were an X-Factor contestant that just got voted off the show this week.  

No one has ever said it better than Don Henley:
We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who comes on at five
She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye
It’s interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry

Of course, you can’t have a gleam in your eye when you are talking about “children” dying. Well, they do have a gleam in their eye, but it’s for another reason. These news reporters are like a lynch mob, showing great restraint, but you can hear them thinking, salivating to say it aloud, “Are you ready for gun-control now, you conservative f*ckers.”

As this insanity touches more and more small conservative towns, people are going to say enough! Not enough of guns, but enough of the crazy people that extract their resentment and revenge on others, and enough of the crazy liberal ideology that creates these lunatics. Again, in the words of the great Don Henley, they are gonna “find your inner child, and kick its little ass.”


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