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Individual rights are being subjugated to mob favors.

January 06, 2013

Defining The Independents

Someone once said, “If you close your curtains, but you really don’t need to, you are probably a Republican. If you don’t close your curtains, but you really should, you are probably a Democrat.” Unfortunately, it’s become a little more complicated than that. Either Democrats feel you have an unfair amount of curtains, and they are planning on taking them and giving them to the less fortunate, or they are passing laws to make curtains illegal.

I really don’t want anyone (especially government) telling me when to close or not close my curtains. I don’t want anyone telling me I can or can’t have curtains, or in what rooms I can or can’t have them. I don’t want my curtains stolen, and I don’t think it’s OK to steal anyone else’s curtains, not even rich people’s curtains. I don’t believe government’s function is to reallocate curtains, but to protect its citizen’s rights and property, including curtains.

If I’m too stupid to close my curtains when prudent, my neighbors have every right to ask me to close them (providing they’re not using binoculars to detect my infraction). And if I don’t, my neighbors have the right to enlist local law enforcement to decide if an infraction of their rights has occurred. When one uses one’s freedom irresponsibly (that is, to deprive another individual of their rights), then that one, by due process of law, should lose that freedom. No constitutional right (or innate right) can be justly interpreted so as to deprive another’s rights. Even the 1st amendment “freedom of the press” does not protect the owner of that press from libel, slander, or prosecution for depriving individual citizens of their rights, including their 2nd amendment right. (Can we say, The Journal News, girls and boys? I’ve heard they are planning on publishing a list of all curtain owners in the area, also.)

Our founding fathers had many different beliefs, and they knew (from 1st hand experience) that if any one of their beliefs dominated, it would try to control and eliminate the other’s. Thus, for their own survival, they framed a constitution that would protect the rights of each individual, and favor none. And here is our current government’s problem – favors. Government is doing favors in return for votes. Individual rights are being subjugated to mob favors, and thus, we have an ensconcement of power that will be very difficult to reverse, as more and more join in the government flavored favor orgy.

But who are the Independents, and how do they feel about curtains?


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