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Renaming the low way to the high way won’t change the ultimate outcome.

January 11, 2013

Dysfunctional Life Imitates Dysfunctional Art

Funny thing about art in all its forms – as we depict what “is” (realism) instead of what “should be” (romanticism), we simply fall into an abyss of debasement, as “real” life spirals down, down, down, imitating each degenerating copy of itself.

The teaching of reason, ethics, and morals, has been non-existent and corrupt for well over 100 hundred years in this country. For that same period of time, our sole focus has been on industrial and technological development. Most “moral” teaching that remains today is aimed at behavior justification. Even the arts are no longer focused on uplifting – to inspire what could and should be – but to debase, and to justify that debasement. Not only are we no longer good enough to use what we have developed, but we are bad enough to use what we have developed in the worst ways.

Generalities are the refuge of weak minds. And today, we are so weak minded, we see change only as progress. And any reference to change not being progress is usually responded to with references about “going back to the dark ages.” Yes, I remember those dark ages. Those were the days when parents raised their children, instead of television or the government. We were safe in our neighborhoods and schools. Our schools were funded locally, and there were few, if any, school funding problems. And we were ranked number 1 in the world for education, not number 17! Spankings didn’t cause us to be violent, and playing cowboys and Indians didn’t influence us to shoot anyone, not even Indians.

There is little recognition or examination of the devolution of our culture or our mental abilities, even though our youth (and many other age groups) careen down crowded highways at 70 miles an hour, focused on typing unimportant, un-urgent, useless messages on their 1902 style text-teletype machine, rather than focusing on controlling a machine that is many times more lethal than any gun, bomb, or military.

Family has become whatever you want it to be. No wonder it doesn’t function, and thus, society doesn’t either. Movie makers are complicit with politicians in trying to persuade us of inequities that don’t exist, hoping to incite another Civil War or French Revolution.

Politicians are the worst of felons, not only stealing for themselves, but promoting the basest of emotions among the people to keep themselves in power. They encourage the mob to rape and steal any values left. “Drag the ’aristocrats’ off their high-horses. Make them grovel in the dirt like us. And if they won’t grovel, hind and quarter them for all to see.” Ah, but it’s all done with such respectability and acceptability.

Our current president must think that he, or his party, will be in power from now on, as he sets the dangerous precedent of side-stepping his sacred oath of defending and upholding the constitution, and usurps congress’ authority by law-making by executive order. If his party does it, so can the other party, and we lose the checks and balances of our form of government.

Well, each individual must make their choice.

The Way
To every man there openeth
A Way, and Ways, and a Way,
And the High Soul climbs the High Way,
And the Low Soul gropes the Low,
And in between, on the misty flats,
To rest drift to and fro.
But to every man there openeth
A High Way, and a Low.
And every man decideth
The way his soul shall go.
– John Oxenham

Renaming the low way to the high way won’t change the ultimate outcome. In 2016, it will have been 40 years since this country celebrated its bicentennial. I think it’s clear that, as a country, we have violated the terms of our probation.


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