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Liberals prefer self-destruction over the freedom to succeed or fail on their own.

February 2, 2013

The American People

Our current president thinks he can ignore our Constitution by uttering, over and over, the magic words, “The American People.” Just because 53% of The American People (hereafter referred to as TAP) want something, doesn’t make it the law of the land. We are not a mob-ruled nation, but a constitutionally ruled one. If we, TAP, want to change an item in the pact (The Constitution of the United States of America), there is a constitutional way to do so. But the framers of our constitution deliberately and wisely chose a slow moving process to implement changes to our constitution so as to preserve its checks and balances, that cooler, wiser heads might prevail, and that our union be preserved.

Only those who prefer slavery think the advantages of a beneficent dictator outweigh the blessings of liberty secured by our constitution. But for those who really believe our country would be better off as a dictatorship – you’ll need to accomplish the following three things to make it so:

1) Get rid of the 1st Amendment.
For a country to remain free, there must be an independent, free press (not state controlled) that aggressively and intelligently audits government policy. Today’s main-stream media might as well be state controlled, as it is little more than an extension of this administration’s liberal policies and cheerleaders for them. Whenever their star quarterback wants to implement a new social policy, he simply says, “The American People want it, require it, deserve it,” and the media is all over it, bolstering it. The only audit and criticism they offer is of other media outlets that are honestly trying to do their job.

2) Get rid of the 2nd amendment.
Thanks to our founding fathers (who King George attempted to disarm in order to suppress uprisings against his tyranny), we have the 2nd amendment. And thanks to the 2nd amendment, the legally armed citizens of this country are the largest standing army in the history of the world. Without it, we’d be in the same shape as every other country that wishes it could rid itself of tyranny.

3) Liberalize the military.
One major argument by liberals against the second amendment is that it is “outdated,” that armed citizens couldn’t resist the modern military, apache helicopters, etc., even if they wanted to. But traditionally, the military has been conservative, and would mount a Coup d’état against the government, should a president/dictator command confiscation of the arms of its citizens. So the current liberalization of the military is not about rights or equality, but to assure military cooperation in disarming citizens.

All of the above would probably be needed to some degree to implement the “Obama Doctrine” (hereafter referred to as FTC – F*ck the Constitution).

The hardest thing to get a liberal to see is that they are self-destructive. They disarm themselves, abort themselves, abuse themselves, and they can’t even reproduce themselves without government’s assistance. They prefer the security of a meager portion in slavery, over the freedom to succeed or fail on their own. They certainly have the right to do so if they want, but I don’t want to be forced to go with them. But as someone once said, “They don’t want the world, just your half.”

To amend The Constitution of the United States of America requires a two-thirds majority in both houses of congress, and then must be ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures. At least for now, only 53% of TAP are willing to shoot themselves in the head. But if that number continues to grow through media/government encouragement, the dominate policy will eventually be FTC and F U.


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