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He knows he did built that, because he has the blisters and calluses to prove it.

February 13, 2013

The Obfuscation of Good Joe

It's sad how liberals were able to successfully paint Mitt Romney as a bad rich guy to many voters. Perhaps if Mitt Romney wouldn't have been a Good Joe, that is, a civil human being, he would have thrown some mud back Obama's way. But Romney, being a civil human being, thought that civil human beings would get it. And he was right about that, but wrong about the percentage of civil human beings left in America.

The press characterized Romney's son's comment about his dad "not wanting to be president" as though Romney lacked desire or determination. Not at all the case. His comment simply meant that his motive for wanting to be president was not a personal ambition (like so many other politicians and presidents), but that he saw his country in need, and felt he had the ideas, qualifications, and duty to help her. The idea that Romney wanted to be president so he could help his rich friends is pretty weak. You can do a lot more for rich friends in some other position than president (unless your rich friends happen to be professional politicians like yourself).

Good Joe may not ever become president, but he has common sense, and knows right from wrong. He intrinsically knows what is natural. He is honest. He tries to do what is right. He tries to show respect for his neighbor, and expects the same in return. He knows he has the right to protect his family, and has a right to protect what he's built. And he knows he built it, as he has the blisters and calluses to prove it. And he knows it's wrong for government to take it away from him and give it to others that don't have the same work ethic as he does. He gets what's going on in this country, and he knows it's wrong, and he doesn't like it. He may not speak out like he should, because he is trying to be civil, but it's in his craw, and he's getting tired of it.

He knows he is not a racist either. He treats others the way they treat him, regardless of color, and he's getting sick and tired of the media telling him he's a racist, and trying to lay guilt and blame on him. He can see through the individuals and groups in government that use racism as an attempt to get an advantage without doing the work required to get there. He respects a person by their words and by whether or not that person turns their words into actions. And if you don't, he's not going to respect you. PERIOD. You haven't earned it. He is not interested in the color of your skin, your ancestor's past, or your excuses. His motto is: "Show me the calluses." And those calluses better not be on your ass.

Good Joe pretty much just wants to be left alone. He doesn't mind getting some help now and then, and he doesn't mind giving it now and then. (Now and then doesn't mean from every paycheck!) But he's pretty busy just trying to make ends meet, and expects others to be busy doing the same. (Romney could have done a great deal to solve the "jobs" problem. But then, that would have gotten rid of the one legitimate excuse people have for not working – no jobs.)

As simple as Good Joe may seem to the intellectuals, Good Joe is right, and his head isn't filled with a bunch of bullshit that makes him deny common sense and reason. Another thing about Good Joe – he doesn't talk much about politics until he sees his country going down the drain.


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