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February 16, 2013

I Have A Dream; We Have A Nightmare

A few days ago someone put a flyer in my mailbox. It had a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King and Obama side by side. Under Dr. King was the caption “I have a dream.” Under Obama was the caption “I am the dream.”

I think it’s pretty cool that we live in a day and time when we have a black president. Dr. King’s dream was that there would be a time in this country where color wouldn’t be the basis for discrimination. But Obama wasn’t elected based on his qualifications irrespective of his color; he was elected irrespective of his qualifications because of his color. That wasn’t Dr. King’s dream.

For some reason the masses are never able to grasp the full idea of visionaries. They can only choose the parts that embrace the form, but ignore the substance. This kind of diversity is only skin deep. (Can we all say “shallow” boys and girls?)

Dr. King had a dream. What we have here is a nightmare. If you think Tricky Dick Nixon was slippery, this president is authentic, media-coated Teflon.

During the 2012 election, the Obama campaign played with the letters in the name “Romney” to see what words they could make. The more letters in the word, the more significant the word. The top words they came up with were 1) MONEY, and 2) MORE. That fit their agenda perfectly. They thought this was terribly clever; even revealing. But I wonder if they ever considered doing the same with the name “Obama.” Maybe the top words produced wouldn’t have fit their agenda so well:

1) aboma = A large South American serpent (Boa aboma), a member of the Boa constrictor family.
(You know, the one that slowly squeezes the life out of its prey before it eats it.)

2) ambo = a pulpit that also serves as a lectern.
(We’ve heard quite a bit of preaching from this pulpit/lectern)

3) Moab = “seed of father"; The Moabites were an ancient people frequently in conflict with their Israelite neighbors to the west. The Moabites seduced Israel to worship other gods, chiefly their god Chemosh, requiring human sacrifice.
(I won’t even comment on this one.)

4) ama = Ama (title), a Samoan title given to the paramount chief and commander in war of the district of Safata.

Probably a good thing the Obama camp didn’t use this in their campaign. A little creepy, right? Is Obama THE Anti-Christ? Who knows, perhaps Obama and Romney are both anti-Christ. I mean, what a trick – to make people think they had a choice when they didn’t.

Of course, this word-game stuff is a bunch of silliness. But still, I would choose to have less government and more money in my paycheck, than to have this serpent, using his presidency as a pulpit, seed of the father, enemy of Israel, chief and commander in war, nightmare.


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