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February 28, 2013

Night Of The Liberal Dead

Liberals really have no limits, and they never give up. Even though they destroy themselves, they outlive themselves in their books, movies, newscast, etc. Like Obama’s conversion to support gay marriage (by his wife and daughters), liberals stay in a holding pattern until they’ve softened the culture on one part of their agenda, and then they’re on to the next demoralizing step down. For the most part, liberals know where they are going ahead of time, even if they don’t let you (or black evangelicals) know at the time. “It’s a surprise. I’ll let you know when we get there.” Of course, when they get there, they say, “I always told you this was where we were going.”

It’s called acclimatization. If you put a frog in hot water, it will jump out. But if you put it in cold water, and slowly heat it up, the frog will stay in until it cooks to death. (I’ve never tried this, but I’m sure some liberal has started an organization against doing it. PETF.) At any rate, you are being cooked. You just don’t know it yet. And you didn’t know it 30 years ago either. And don’t ask if you’re being cooked. It makes you look boil-a-phobic.

So what kind of stuff are they cooking up for you? Stuff like: Those poor suicide bombers. Not those who burn themselves as martyrs to make their statement, but those who take as many innocents with them as they can. Hardly Gandhi-like. But we must be understanding of these “martyrs” – they are too oppressed, and way too zealous to be noble. (But apparently, not under-funded, as C-4 cost considerably more than gasoline.)

Oh, and how about those disgusting white conquistadors, converting or wiping out all those poor lovely Aztecs, Incas, and Maya, and their human sacrifice. I mean, after all, in some cases, the sacrificers and sacrificees were consenting adults. Oh, they sacrificed babies, too. Guess they were too progressive for the “but for the children” argument. But at least these people respected the earth, and used natural fertilizer instead of chemicals. You know, blood. We’ll forgive the Maya for centuries of animal sacrifice, because eventually they become “enlightened” and “progressed” to sacrificing humans instead. PETF is so relieved.

Liberals have no limits. If you don’t believe it, ask them what their limits are. And when they reach those limits, try to get them to stick there, and you’ll hear, “Oh, I’ve changed my mind on that too, I’ve evolved.” Just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of their desires, and you think you’ve finally satisfied them, like zombies, they just get up and go at it again. Some of them don’t know what they ultimately want to accomplish, but something keeps driving them... downward. If you find yourself in this “enlightened” state of mind, of slowing being sucked into more and more BS, and saying, “Well, maybe it ain’t so bad,” then maybe you are a liberal zombie and don’t even know it.

Have you ever thought of saying, stop, no more, I’m not buying this crap anymore? Inch by inch, one degree at a time, they’ve taken our children, their lives, and our sanity. They’ve taken the culture. But how comforting to know that liberals will keep on fighting for “freedom” until peoples everywhere have the right to sacrifice their and your children. And what an honor to have them sacrificed – if you think the only way to beat zombies is to join them.


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