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Hard working, honest people would like government to protect them from being stolen from, and not to be complicit in the theft.

March 2, 2013

Who Do You Trust?

As I've mentioned, for most of my life I’ve had little interest in politics. I was interested and hopeful when Ross Perot ran for president in 1992. Perot advocated a balanced budget amendment, term limits, state-tested pilot programs for health care, a secure border, and keeping jobs in America. Just think, if he would have won, how different things would be in America today.

A few years after the 1992 election, I moved to an island, and literally forgot about what was going on in the world. I wrote a few fictional novels, composed a couple of music CDs, worked on making a movie, and enjoyed life.

When Obama won in 2008, I was living out of the country. I already knew his agenda, and knew people voted for him mainly because of the color of his skin, and not based on his qualifications. I thought people would see his true colors, and would get enough of him real quick. I just didn’t realize how far gone the American people were, and how much the mentality had changed from “possibility” thinking to “entitlement” thinking. The American dream had become the American scheme.

When Mitt Romney ran for president in 2012, I was hopeful he could win. Having lived in a former Soviet country and hearing stories from my in-laws about living under communism, I realized that our country was quickly headed that way. Our youth were romanticizing socialism, our government becoming corrupt, and our election system wide open to voter fraud. Obama ran a dirty campaign, encouraged envy and revenge, and instead of the people being outraged by it, they cheered him on.

And now I can get to the real point of this article.

We’ve all been in crowds before. I once thwarted a pick-pocket attempt on myself from a “sweet little” grandma/grandpa couple, so I’m always aware of the potential for pick-pocketing in crowds. I carry my wallet in non-obvious places, and am usually aware of when I’m being cased. But, I got pick-pocketed in Ukraine on the subway, and considering how careful I am, I almost admire that pick-pocketer’s expertise.

In October 2012, I attended a Romney rally in Lancaster, Ohio. I’d never attended a political rally in my life. The crowd was packed in pretty tight, waiting for the event to begin. I was standing there for quite a while when I realized something. I wasn’t even guarded or thinking about my wallet. I wasn’t the least bit worried about being ripped off. I was surrounded by grandmas and grandpas, moms and dad, and lots of children. I started thinking. I’ll bet a Democrat would feel the same way standing here – safe. (I’ll bet even Jesse Jackson would feel safe here.) But I’ll bet they wouldn’t feel as safe standing in a Democrat rally. (Maybe because of all that moral diversity.)

Think about it. Nobody worries about conservatives rioting when they lose an election. No one worries about conservatives refusing to show an ID to vote, or voting six times. Seems the only people Democrats worry about these days, with the encouragement of this administration, are rich conservatives – the one’s that supposedly pick-pocketed all “their” money. (Rich celebrities are apparently exempted, maybe because they “care” or maybe because their fame is coveted more than their money.)

Hard working, honest people don’t want to harm anyone or to steal from their neighbor, and they don’t want to be stolen from. They would like government to protect them from being stolen from, and not to be complicit in the theft. I realize political ideology doesn’t make one automatically honest. But maybe honesty does give you your ideology. Do you identify with who will give you what you want, even if they steal it, or with those who won’t steal from you or others? Who do you trust? Honestly? You cannot trust a thief. A thief can’t trust a thief. But thieves can and do trust honest people. That’s their advantage.


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