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The only piece of the pie Democrats offer minorities is the crumbs.

March 30, 2013

Living Vicariously

Seventy-two years ago, the United States and Japan were bitter enemies. During the course of World War 2, an estimated 450,000 Americans were killed (106,000 in the Pacific); an estimated 3 million Japanese were killed. Today the USA and Japan are trade partners and close allies.

During the war, 3 to 4% of the world’s population died (60 to 80 million people), yet today, there is little WW2 resentment left. Germany is part of the European Union, and for the most part, carrying the EU financially.

As horrifying as the Holocaust was, few contemporary Jews harbor personal resentment towards contemporary Germans. No, they don’t want the world to forget what can happen when any totalitarian government gets power, but they are reminding the world as a warning, not out of resentment. Jews have stood together as a group, and have been very successful as a group, as well as making many successful alliances outside of their group.

But then there is Black America. The emancipation proclamation was signed 150 years ago, yet many blacks (being egged-on by Democrats) act as if they have personally experienced slavery, or as if white-only restaurants and toilets still exist. Excuses must have an expiration date, but Democrat leaders keep renewing excuses for minorities to protect their own phony baloney jobs; to make minorities think that they can’t possibly succeed without liberal policies. And as long as minorities believe this, they will continue in dependency slavery, and Democrats will continue to have well paid jobs.

Blacks have never really stood together to help each other. The percentage of black-on-black crime is staggering. Democrat leaders maintain this crime is due to poverty, even though there are plenty of criminals who are not poor, and plenty of poor who are not criminals. One of the few times blacks do stand together is to elect Democrats. Instead of fostering the principles of cooperation, trade, independence, and personal responsibility (foundational principles of success), Democrats force minorities to stay in the hand-out line, the result being sustained poverty.

For those among minorities that have succeeded, there seems to be one common factor – a selfless parent, grandparent, brother, sister, or mentor, who said, “You are not gonna end up like these other kids, gang-banging and on the system. You are gonna go to school. You are gonna study your ass off. You are gonna make something of yourself, or I’m gonna beat your little ass till you do!” But, again, for the sake of their own phony baloney jobs, the Left trashes any black who succeeds (like Dr. Ben Carson), while excusing Obama while he lives lavishly off of the taxpayer’s money.

Some believe that the best they can ever hope for in life is a cell phone, a TV, and some food stamps. And so they are happy with what the Democrats’ offer, and are happy living vicariously through the president: “We’ll at least one of us finally got a piece of the pie.” But under the Democrats’ leadership, the only piece of the pie minorities will ever get is the crumbs.


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