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This administration keeps giving us new scandals to obscure previous scandals.

May 18, 2013

Voting Is The Best – But Apparently Not Only – Revenge

How did we as Americans ever get to the point of electing a president that would use revenge as a political motivation? According to Barack Obama last November, “Voting is the best revenge.” But apparently it’s only a little better than being able to use government agencies to covertly target your enemies. Voting wasn’t quite enough to get Obama elected, or to get revenge on those who had nothing to do with the woes of those who voted for him.

The nature of corruption is deception. So if you can see corruption, just think about how much you can’t see. As the saying goes, “Just the tip of the iceberg.” Ninety percent of an iceberg is below the surface of the water. But according to the president (and many in the press), “There is no there, there.” If only the Titanic could have been so fortunate. This administration promised to be transparent. Apparently they meant invisible! Or at best, 10% visible.

I learned years ago that people speak more loudly, and tell you more, by what they are careful not to say, then by what they do say. It’s the stuff they won’t show you that begins to create a profile of the missing pieces. Police investigators know this. Parents certainly know it. Too bad the American people have to be both investigators of and parents to this administration. But the media won’t do it, so it looks like it’s up to the American people. Where was Obama during those Benghazi Hours? We know where he was during the Osama Bin Laden mission, and afterward, standing in the political spotlight. So why is this information “irrelevant” in the case of Benghazi? Didn’t he want credit for that one too?

Why hand over emails dated September 14th and after, but not those of September 12th and 13th – the relevant ones?

Why no names in any of these scandals? No name for the person that gave the stand-down order in Benghazi. No name on who crafted the final Benghazi talking points. No name(s) on who was responsible for the IRS targeting conservative groups and Romney donors? Most importantly: Why do we have to keep after this administration to get this information?

Only when cornered, they say, “It was wrong, we’ll get to the bottom of this, and we will fix it.” But there is never any responsibility, that is, the kind that accepts accountability. “We’ll investigate, and get back to you.” But they never do get back to us, and when someone reminds them, they just say, “That was a long time ago. What difference does it make now?”

At the rate this administration is going, they’ll just keep having a new scandal that obscures the previous scandal. Maybe that’s the plan. Just keep checking and moving, weaving and bobbing, until people forget. Who knows, maybe Obama didn’t have direct knowledge of the incidents. Maybe he even requested not to be informed. But he does know that his little “like-minded” worker ants are busy under the surface, undermining his/their enemies, and destroying a free America. And that is what he wants.


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