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This administration's message of “revenge” sends a clear order: Annihilate your political enemies.

May 25, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

I’m finally waking up to the fact that the media have assimilated into the culture that they create. They drink their own poison, and believe their own lies. Like the public, they are much more interested in the Jodi Arias murder trial, than in the scandals facing our government – the Benghazi cover-up, IRS targeting conservatives, and government phone taps of news agencies. But unlike the JA murder trial, these national issues could have a tremendous affect on the future of our government, and if our press and citizens don’t get concerned about them, they will just slip into obscurity.

In my last article, and several previous articles, I’ve addressed the issue of “revenge” endorsed by this administration during the last election. I keep coming back to it, because I think it’s at the very heart of the issues that are facing this administration.

Voting is very important. But when the idea of revenge is attached to it, it carries with it a much deeper connotation. That someone did something to you, and now it’s payback time, and there should be hell to pay. It sends a clear message (maybe even marching orders) to those in the system to carry on with the mission – that of annihilating your political enemies by any means. That all is fair game because of what was done to you or your comrades.

These attitudes, 1) that revenge and retaliation are justified, and 2) that the means are justified by the ends, are at the heart of the current scandals, and also continue to fuel conflicts around the world, generation after generation. These attitudes purport that even terrorism – targeting innocents in an attempt to achieve political goals – is justified, if it eventually gets one what they want, which for most, is to get rid of one’s enemies.

I believe that Obama and many liberals only want one party, and that from this point on, it will be all-out war against those who get in the way of their agenda – including the press, and anyone else who doesn’t fall in line. Perhaps it’s because they know that without government force, most current liberal ideas can’t stand the light of scrutiny, and thus their party would go the way of the Whigs. But freedom can’t continue without opposing points of view. Remember, if it wasn’t for the original liberals – those who read the Bible in direct defiance of church leaders, and were even willing to go to prison or die because they recognized that there was a greater authority than that of other men – we wouldn’t have a Constitution of the United States of America, nor would we have a United States of America!

The free exchange of ideas via free speech is how a society maintains balance. Ideas must be expressed, and then allowed to prevail or die on their own merit. But because civility is disappearing, ideas are no longer debated civilly, but the opposition is shouted down, or muted by targeting and intimidation. When we sacrifice civility for gain, the corruption of absolute power (tyranny) will prevail, or violence and insurrection will ensue. Civil people want neither.


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