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Liberals know if government continues to grow, corruption will be impossible to root out.

June 8, 2013

Preaching To The Choir

Whenever honest people identify with a group, they usually try to remain aware of dishonest segments among their own ranks. Conservatives are more likely to throw one of their own under the bus when they find this dishonestly, as a matter of principle; whereas liberals are more likely to defend and cover for one of their own as a matter of loyalty, to further their cause(s). This is why Obama surrounds himself with people based on their loyalty, rather than their qualifications. This is one of the reasons why I tend to trust conservatives more than liberals, as conservative allegiances tend to be principle-based, rather than personally-based.

This is important to note, because, government is growing, and it is not being populated equally by conservatives and liberals alike. It’s being populated by those who want government to grow, and who benefit from its growth. Is it any wonder then that the current scandals are going on? Add to a liberal government a liberal press, and the only wonder is that these abuses were even uncovered to begin with. But these are only the ones that have surfaced, so how deep must this corruption go? All the loyal little worker bees must defend their way of life –guaranteed “womb to the tomb” government jobs, and government programs, paid for by those in the private sector.

Government is its own Root-kit. If government continues to grow, this corruption will be absolutely impossible to root out (if it isn’t already), and liberals know this. So maybe conservatives who write about this stuff, talk about it on talk radio, write books about it, are just preaching to the choir, because few liberals seem to care about the civil liberties of all, only of those that help them promote their agenda and help their ilk to grow in power.

One thing liberals have been good at – recognizing when they need to take a step back, in order to take two steps forward. You can trust a liberal... to be a liberal. Everything Obama says is to placate the suspicions of good people on both sides of the aisle, in order to position his ilk in positions of power for the next 2 steps forward. I believe there are some liberals who genuinely care about individual liberties. But when they recognize what is really going on with those they’ve trusted, and speak out, they are demonized by their own party.

Say what you want about the motives of the Founding Fathers of this country, but the inescapable fact is, they had tasted tyranny first-hand, and they wanted to be free of it. And they tried to frame a constitution that would prevent it from ever happening again – for their own sakes, and for the sake of their children, and children’s children.

It’s OK to preach to the choir. And keep right on doing it. Good men and women need to be reminded that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.


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