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The reason why people can't see they're insane? Because everyone is doing it.

June 15, 2013

Night Of The Texting Normal

This morning I was driving my wife to work. We were on a 4 lane street, I was in the inside lane, and there was a car stopped at the light, directly in front of me. There was another car stopped at the light in the outside lane. The light changed, and the woman in the outside lane proceeded, but the man in front of me just sat there. He was texting. Finally, he proceeded, and quickly caught up to the woman in the outside lane, driving alongside her. He was still texting, and swerved, almost side-swiping her. But she didn’t seem to notice.

I’m thinking, “I’ve got to get past this idiot,” but he and the woman in the outside lane are now both moving at the same speed, and I can’t get around them. Finally, she gets far enough ahead of him so I can pull into her lane, pass him, and then get back into the inside lane. As I do, I can see in my rear view mirror that he is still texting and swerving. But as I pull along side of her, I can see that she is also texting! Once I’m past her, I move into the outside lane ahead of her. As we come to another stop light, she pulls into the inside lane along side of me. I look over. She is still texting, but now I can see that she has a baby onboard! Unbelievable!

We have a mass epidemic on our hands. Not texting, but insanity. Nearly everyone in our culture is insane. Now, don’t get me started on texting. Teenagers, middle-agers, grandmas and grandpas. I’ve seen it all, and I see it often. Everyone is doing it. But this is exactly my point, and this is the reason why no one can see that they are insane – because, everyone is doing it.

We live in a pop-culture of behavior justification. If enough people do it – no matter what it is – it’s “normal.” We all remember our parents asking, “If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” Today the answer is obvious – everyone is jumping off the bridge.

I once read about a study where ten children were in a classroom. Nine of the children were prepped ahead of time, that when they were told to raise their right hand, that they should raise their left hand instead. One of the children was not in on the secret. So when the teacher told the class to raise their right hand, the one kid not in on the secret immediately raised his right hand, but when he saw the other kids had their left hands up, he put his left hand up instead.

This sums up our current culture. Just follow the crowd, like lemmings headed over the cliff. Everyone is interested in: Jodi Arias, Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, and if Kanye cheated on her, Li-Lo’s rehab battles, Amanda Bynes’ struggles. This is normal. Just ask the normal, mainstream media. Not only does the media control what is normal, but what to pay attention to, and what to ignore. Pay no attention to the IRS, Benghazi, Phone Record spying. Oh, no. Pay attention to the important things. People famous for being famous, or people famous for pretending to be other people in movies and on television.

When you live this way long enough, you learn to ignore common sense, ignore logic, ignore evidence and morals. This normal, mainstream country is headed over the falls, and most will still be texting as they go over.


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