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While complaining about “trickle-down,” Liberals completely support drag-down.

October 11, 2013

Dancing On The Debt-Ceiling

The newest distraction in Washington is the argument over the debt ceiling. Many Americans don’t even know what the debt ceiling is. Basically stated, the debt ceiling is a cap on the amount of money we can borrow. Of course, we shouldn’t be borrowing against the future to meet present obligations. We should live within our means, at home, and in government. In spite of this administration’s attempt to blame Republicans for the debt crisis, the simple truth is: if we didn’t have debt, we wouldn’t have a debt crisis.

Example: I want to take a vacation. The best planning strategy would be to save for my vacation, use a credit card simply as a traveling convenience, and then pay it off as soon as I get home. But no, I’m going to put my vacation on my credit card, and pay it off over the next 6 months to a year. It’s the American way of life. Of course, something could happen and I might need that money for an emergency. But hey, government does it, why shouldn’t I?

Whenever you start living off of tomorrow’s dime, you are headed for trouble.

Have you ever done this? “Well, I have no idea how I’m going to pay this back, but I need a vacation, so I’m going.” You get back home, all sun-burnt and tired, and low and behold, your credit card payment comes due. You don’t have the money to pay your payment, so rather than be late and ruin your credit, you go and get a cash advance on another credit card to pay the payment. And then the interest starts building up on both cards, especially the one you got the 29% cash advance from. And you just keep getting in deeper and deeper and eventually you are over your head. Well, welcome to our government.

The only reason we even have a national debt is because of poor financial management, and the only reason we are even talking about raising the debt ceiling is because poor management has become a lifestyle in Washington D.C., just as it has for many Americans. How in the hell did we ever end up with a lawyer for a president, instead of a successful businessman? Oh, that’s right, because 47% of Americans see themselves as victims. Now we’re all the victims.

Wealth is not just going to other countries. It’s disappearing, period. Because wealth is created by increase. And increase is created by wisdom. Meaning, you don’t eat your seed, but you plant it, you water it, weed it, work it, harvest it, sell, and then reinvest.

While liberals complain about what they tag as “trickle-down,” they support drag-down. Government never invests in the best and brightest, but in the least capable and dimmest. This looks so loving from a humanitarian point of view, but it’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

There is an ideology in Washington that if government just controlled most of the capital (socialism) or even all of the capital (communism) the problem would be solved.

But we see how they manage things. And historically we’ve seen on a global scale how socialism/communism has worked in the past. Do we really need to go down that road again, thinking if we just tweak it a bit, it will work this time? Guess the only people that buy that idea are young people, and the university professors selling it.

The battle in Washington right now is about de-funding of ObamaCare – a program which will allow a bureaucracy staffed by “highly-motivated” and “capable” government workers take over 1/6th of the U.S. economy. This administration wants socialized medicine because it is absolutely necessary for the growth of government (politicians must protect their phony baloney jobs) and for the furtherance of socialism (liberals must protect their phony baloney identities). And there are plenty of willing victims out there to accommodate them.


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