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It all sounds so noble, except for the extortion, torture, and murder.

April 24, 2014

Monty Putin And His Russian Inquisition

The decimation of minorities comes from the fear that the minority will eventually become the majority and destroy your way of life. Think Hitler. Yet to the pacifist, it is hard to consider that sometimes the minority intends to do just that. Think Bolshevik revolution.

In 1917, Russia’s newly established democratic government waited for the arrival of those from the communist party, because they wanted to be an inclusive government, unlike the Czarist government they’d had previously. However, we know from history how that turned out. The communists hijacked the process, then got rid of those who opposed them, first by vote, then by firing squad.

In Ukraine, as soon as Viktor Yanukovych came back into power in 2010, he forced-out or imprisoned his political enemies (like Yulia Tymoshenko), and as soon as he lost power in 2014, he ran away. Why? Because he expected to receive the same that he gave – revenge. And where did he run to? To mother Russia. This speaks volumes about who was pulling his strings. And if Putin or his proxies get back into power in Ukraine, I pity those who are in power now.

One of my Russian friends said to me: “You Americans brag about how free you are, but you are not. In Russia, we can drink beer in the streets if we want. You can’t in America.” Well, unless you live in New Orleans, I guess that’s true, BUT, just remember, while you are standing on the street, drinking your beer, not to say anything negative about Putin. You just might end up in prison or missing.

Vladimir Putin’s latest production for the world stage: For The Glory of Russia and the Orthodox Church. This is Vladimir (Vlad=Ruler, Mir=World) Putin’s (Putin=Tangled) latest crusade to save the former Soviet bloc and rid it of Western decadence. It all sounds so noble, except for the Inquisition part: extortion, torture, and murder. So, if you are not Russian AND Russian Orthodox, you’re out of options.

Crimea recently had a gunpoint referendum. This is not to say many Crimeans didn’t want to be with Russia. It’s only to say that most of the Crimean minorities stayed away from the polls, because having their vote on record could be bad for their health down the road. (This is the difference between mob rule, and representative rule and the rule of law.) Now Crimea is in chaos. Businesses are closing. There are food shortages. There are long “Soviet style” waiting lines for just about everything. Some say these problems will soon be resolved (2-3 years), but I believe it will only get worse. If only Crimeans would have taken note of the promises Russia gave to South Ossetia, and the sad state that country is in today! Only those in government benefitted there.

And now it’s on to Eastern Ukraine. Putin says he it is not interfering there, yet, many of the militia men that have taken over government buildings in Eastern Ukraine have very distinguishable Moscow accents. Just as in America, you can usually tell what part of the country people are from by their accent (i.e. Boston, Atlanta, Texas, Milwaukee), the same is true with the Russian language.

Some of the militia men have been positively identified from photographs as Russian Special Forces.

Large amounts of cash being smuggled into Ukraine to support the militias and to influence the upcoming elections have been intercepted by Ukrainian Border guards.

But no, Putin isn’t interfering. Much.

Russia says it has a right to keep troops on the border, and it does. But its intent is to intimidate Ukrainians (and the world), and to be ready to invade if/when “necessary.” This is interference in and of itself, and only antagonizes the situation, and Putin well knows this. (Just think of the message it would send if America sent large numbers of federal agents to the border of, say, Nevada.)

Putin (and the militia men) say they don’t recognize the current Ukrainian government, yet most of the current government remains the same as when Yanukovych was president, including many of those who were Yanukovych’s supporters, with the exception of interim officials that will act until the elections. Putin knows this, also. Putin is just miffed because he can’t control them anymore, so he is left with methods of deceit, coercion, and outright force.

Many in the rest of the world, including our President, just don’t seem to get what is going on. I am stunned by our president’s attitude on the situation in Ukraine. Is it timidity? Incompetence? Naiveté? Neglect? Malice? Is he really thinking Putin wouldn’t dare? Hitler wouldn’t dare. But he did.

Maybe our president is too focused on his own domestic agenda to be bothered with what is going on in the world’s ping-pong game of power. Re: our president’s agenda: I wonder if our president and his party are truly concerned about minorities, or are they just trying to make minorities majorities so that they may punish their political enemies? Maybe the Obama administration is about revenge, and not about justice for all!

Today Americans are being punished by paying for the 50 million people on food stamps. These people could have jobs and pay for their own food, but the president is more concerned with revenge than job creation. Income inequality has been expanded by the president’s own policies, which are destroying the middle class, making the rich richer, and making the poor more dependent. And his foreign policy is about America looking passive, rather than about a safer and more just world.

Many Americans thought it would be cool to vote for a president that would give them free stuff. Some Americans were guilted into thinking that they owed their fellow humans (those who are able to work) more than the right to work and to make something out of their own lives! But today it goes beyond just feeling good about getting free stuff. We actually feel vindicated that our political enemies have to pay for it.

Today, political ping-pong in the USA may only include government targeting of one’s political enemies via IRS and NSA surveillance, but eventually it will include the same invitation the “White Russians” got from the Bolsheviks – “Comrade! Comrade! Come for Tea. Let us reason together,” Except when they arrived for the tea, they faced a firing squad instead.

There seems to be no inclusion of all, only annihilation of one’s political enemies. Words like revenge only heighten the fear of retaliation. Maybe no one expects a Spanish Inquisition, but this Russian Inquisition should come as a surprise to no one. Especially to our president.

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