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No matter how fair or unfair Obama may consider the constitution, it is not his job to fix it.

June 30, 2014

Borders, Borders, Borders, Borders

Did I mention borders? Everything is about borders – defined areas of dominion. From the atom, to the order of the universe, to governments, countries, even personal relationships; it’s all about borders. Without borders, there can be no stability. Without stability there can be no prosperity or health for individuals, and subsequently for countries, and for the world.

Human relationships are about agreements, and agreements about borders. When borders are violated, or allowed to be violated, agreements are broken, and stable relationships disintegrate. When stable relationships disintegrate, so does prosperity and health. Our country and the world is becoming more and more unstable because agreements are not being kept, and borders are not being enforced or respected.

The problem in Ukraine? Borders.

The problems in the middle-east? Borders.

The problems with the United States and Mexico? Borders!

And the problem with our President, Barack Obama? Surprise! Borders.

The Constitution of the United States of America is about borders – the borders government must not cross in governing WE THE PEOPLE; the borders the president and the other branches of government must not cross in serving WE THE PEOPLE.

What the president may think about the fairness or unfairness of the constitution is irrelevant. He was elected by WE THE PEOPLE (and he swore) to uphold The Constitution of the United States of America, not to rewrite it. The Executive Branch is not designated to make the laws, but to enforce them. Our constitution does not allow for any one person to rewrite it, no matter how right that individual may be or may think she/he is. A proposal to amend our constitution can only be made by a vote of two-thirds of the representatives of WE THE PEOPLE in both the House and Senate, or by two-thirds of the representatives of WE THE PEOPLE in the state legislatures, and then must be ratified by three-fourths of the state legislatures (again, representatives of WE THE PEOPLE).

So no matter how fair or unfair Barack Obama may consider the constitution, it is not his job to fix it. (Not even with a pen and a phone). That’s the job of WE THE PEOPLE. The notion that he is “helping people” by ignoring the constitution and the laws (originated by Congress, signed by the President, and ultimately judged constitutional or unconstitutional by the Supreme Court) is not only ludicrous, but against the law, and dangerous for the stability if our country and the whole world.

I don’t doubt that part of the reason Barack Obama sought to become president was to help people. But he could have helped more people by remaining a lawyer and a community activist. By choosing to “help people” by violating the law and the constitution, he has undermined the stability of the United States and the world, and has added to the lawlessness that was already pervasive in the world.

This is not about public approval. Barack Obama is not above the law. He is in dereliction of duty and should be removed from office. He should not be sued. He should be impeached. This is the remedy the constitution specifies. But apparently Republicans care more about their approval ratings than the constitution.

Perhaps Barack Obama embraces chaos. Perhaps he believes that out of complete chaos and lawlessness will come a “fair” system of world governing. Perhaps he and others feel social change is progressing too slowly. But the world only changes when people change, and people change at a snail’s pace. And forced change just breeds resentments that carry from generation to generation. Real and lasting change takes place in the heart, and governments can’t make that change take place.

Our form of government isn’t perfect. It’s just an attempt at a “more perfect union” and an attempt to preserve our creator-endowed rights. But if we keep electing leaders because of their personalities (or the color of their skin), then this government of the people, by the people, and for the people, will soon be gone.


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