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If my government is going to spy on me, I at least want them to be good at it.

July 4, 2014

Spy v. Spied

Who am I? Just a guy that has kids and grand kids, and has never committed a crime... that is, until recently. Apparently, I’m guilty of telling the truth, and my government is interested in that. Not the truth, but that I actually have the nerve to tell it.

If my government is going to spy on me, I at least want them to be good at it. Unlike Angela Merkel, I don’t want to know about it. Why? Because if I – a nice grandpa, who has never advocated violence, who just happens to think our president is incompetent, and who speaks out about it – can detect my government spying on me, then terrorists can certainly detect it also and will find new methods to communicate with each other. And that bothers me, because I don’t like terrorists. They are the lowest of the low. But I did find out. I guess I just didn’t expect the Secret Service to be as incompetent as our president. I certainly wouldn’t want to believe they were just trying to intimidate me. Not Grandpa.

Case in point. My little website only gets a few hits a month. Minuscule amounts of traffic. Most of my traffic is from me proofreading my own articles. So when I check my web stats, I can very easily see who else has visited my site. Most of my hits over the last 22 months have been from the Washington D.C. area. That’s OK. No big deal. I just assumed it was either a conservative who’s interested in what his constituency cares about, or some liberal trying to find something he can take out of context to paint conservatives as dangerous nuts.

This month I noticed most of the hits on my website were from my own ISP, again, me proofreading my own work. But second on the list was a firm that, according to Wikipedia, “The United States Secret Service contracts... to search available information related to the Secret Service and its missions. Information obtained... is incorporated into the Protective Research Information Management System PRISM (surveillance program), an existing Secret Service system.”

Sorry to disappoint you SS, but I’m not dangerous. No. I’m sitting in my lazy boy with the remote most of the time, and occasionally writing an article about how destructive, or at least, incompetent, this administration is. And occasionally I vote. But I only vote once, and have ID handy to prove I’m a citizen and only voting once, and my vote can’t be bought for handouts or amnesty. So that’s about the extent of my dangerousness. But, apparently people who speak out when they believe their government leaders are abusing their power, are potentially dangerous and need to be checked up on. Nice work, comrade.

Are my articles really that intense? Am I really that interesting? Have I ever broken the law, or committed treason against my country? Have I ever advocated overthrowing our government, or abolishing our constitution? Though plenty in Washington have, and are doing just that even as I write, I haven’t.

All I’ve ever advocated is this:

1) Vote, vote once, be an American citizen, and have some ID ready to prove it.

2) Hold those in Washington responsible to uphold the constitution and the law, because they won’t hold themselves responsible.

3) Hold the media responsible to report the news, not make it or spin it.

4) Oh, and one more thing I haven’t had the chance to advocate yet: Require this president to appoint adults as spokespersons for this government instead of children. Let these kids get their experience in internships or at McDonald’s. (Dear God, no wonder no country in the world takes us seriously anymore. But then, maybe that’s what the president wants.)

P.S. Oh, and there was an inquiry from a Russian “Reputation Protection” service on my website. In case you haven’t heard, Putin has instituted a new law that allows for prison terms for those who speak out against him. Thank God I’m in the land of the free and home of the brave, right?


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