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Crimea is just a memory now, and soon so will be the separatists’ shoot-down of the jetliner.

July 17, 2014

When Is Enough, Enough?

When I heard the news today about the Malaysian jetliner being shot down over Eastern Ukraine, I told my wife, “This is a game changer.” I felt much the way I did on 9/11 – shocked, and then wondering, “Will the world finally say, enough is enough?”

The situation is pretty obvious. The separatists shot down the plane thinking it was a Ukrainian combat or cargo plane. This has been confirmed by intercepted transmissions between Russian intelligence officers and separatists communicating immediately after the incident, and a post on the separatists’ social media account immediately after the incident, claiming they shot down a Ukrainian military plane, which post was subsequently deleted when it was learned the plane was a commercial jetliner.

Putin has not denied that the separatists were the ones who shot down the plane, but blames the Ukrainian government for the incident, saying it’s “because there is no peace in the land.” The overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian people want peace in their land. But how can they have peace when Russia keeps supplying Ukraine with separatists, supplying the separatists with arms, and now, with sophisticated surface-to-air missiles (or at least the training on how to use them)? These separatists are a pseudo-victim minority; armed thugs that the Ukrainian people didn’t ask for and don’t want. And now they’ve brought their war to the rest of the world. So whatever they think their cause is, and wherever they are getting their support from, it is time to take them out!

There is no question that Putin is covertly feeding this war, but why does he feel justified in doing it? Does he feel Ukraine’s shared history, ethnicity, or language will be lost in the abyss of Western decadence? Are ethnicity, language, and a love of the same foods, the only things that unite a people? It shouldn’t be, but if it is, then, perhaps the Dutch, British, and others will finally decide it’s time to put an end to Putin’s game, now that they have experienced loss of “their own.” But, then again, the love of money is the root of all evil. So it is possible that it will still be business as usual – for Europe, Russia, and the rest of the world.

The American people, and the international community in general, are becoming acclimatized to the lawlessness that has become prevalent in recent years. No matter how outrageous the abuse, it will just fade into oblivion. The U.S.A. has an administration that is practiced in this style. The Media also march in locked-step, no matter how serious and obvious the abuse. The world is gladly joining in. The takeover of Crimea is just a memory now. Will it just be a matter of days before the shoot-down of the Malaysian jetliner is a memory too?

It’s considered quite normal now to ignore abuse where it is prevalent and obvious, and to see abuse where it doesn’t exist. There is an anecdote about a man with poop on his mustache. I’m not sure how it got there, but everywhere this man went, he would complain, “This room smells like sh*t!” I think of this when I hear Eric Holder’s constant complaints about racism. Is it possible that Mr. Holder smells racism everywhere he goes, because he is a racist? Is it possible that most people who see racial and ethnic inequality everywhere they go, are completely driven by the criteria of race and ethnicity? Is this Obama’s problem, and quite possibly, Mr. Putin’s problem, as well?

If the world reacts to this tragedy in Ukraine, I’m afraid it will only be because of ethnicity. One of “their own” was the victim. And as usually, “their own” is defined by country of origin, language, or skin color; group-think, once again, triumphing over our common humanity. I’m not suggesting a world without borders, or a world where one’s ethnicity and culture are not respected. But I would like to see one where the painfully obvious is not ignored just to achieve political goals.


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