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Those that share Obama’s ideology don’t care if the dream has turned into a nightmare.

August 7, 2014

Fool Me a Million Times, Shame on Who?

Something very interesting has resulted from Russia’s state controlled media propaganda. Seems the stories they fabricate and promote about Eastern Ukraine are mostly about smaller towns there. What better way to get those in the big towns riled up toward the “fascists” from Kyiv. Poor little villagers being abused by the brutal Ukrainian army. It’s an outrage!

One recent story that came out of Russian TV was that when the Ukrainian soldiers entered the town of Slovyansk (116,490), they crucified a young boy in front of his mother in the central square. This certainly riled those in Russia, and Ukrainians living in the large “separatists” held areas of Eastern Ukraine. Just one problem – Ukrainians living in the town of Slovyansk were scratching their heads. People there had never heard of such a thing before the Russian TV report. And then the light went on – “Ah, we are being lied to!”

Now maybe this wouldn’t be so bad for Putin, except, Ukrainians talk – to each other. They are telling their friends in Donetsk, “This didn’t happen. None of it.” Furthermore, the Ukrainian solders didn’t enter the city with cruelty and threats like the separatists did, but with food and supplies, restoring water and utilities, and pensions. So now the people of Slovyansk KNOW they’ve been lied to, and they are telling all their friends.

End result: the residents of Donetsk and other separatists held areas are starting to turn in the separatists, report their locations, gun locations, etc., to the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian people are smart enough to realize that, once they’ve been lied to, the romance is over. Unfortunate Americans aren’t so smart.

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and a plethora of other obvious lies aren’t enough to get those who believe in their abusive boyfriend, no matter how bad the abuses, and no matter how obvious the lies, to break up with him. But with an all time low approval rating of 40% (according to an NBC poll), looks like some of the people are starting to wake up.

But not the media. Those that share Obama’s ideology will never wake up, because they don’t want to. They don’t care if the dream has turned into a nightmare. He is their messiah. Even NBC is emphasizing their poll’s disapproval of Congress, while down-playing the poll's disapproval of Obama.

Yes, it is true, we do disapprove of Congress by a whopping 86%, but mostly because Congress is either complicit, or too impotent to stop this president and the lawlessness that is destroying America – destroying it for ALL Americans and the entire world.


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