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The same idiots that voted for Obama will vote for Hillary in 2016.

August 24, 2014

Is There Any Doubt Left?

As captured Ukrainian soldiers are paraded down the street at gunpoint in the city of Donetsk, the people shouting, “fascist, faggots, hang them,” while spitting on them, is there any doubt left about the state of mind of the “separatists” and the people still left in Donetsk? Just a few beheadings, and they’ll be right up there with ISIS.

Even people in other parts of Ukraine are starting to say, “Just let them have Donetsk. It's not worth it!” And though I’m sure this is just what Putin wants, at this point, I’m starting to agree them. Give them the toilet. If I still lived in Ukraine, I wouldn't want to live in a city with people of his ilk. Many decent people of Eastern Ukraine and Crimea have all ready left these regions out of fear, and rightfully so. Seems like the only people still in these regions (or at least out on the streets) are animals. (Hum? Would PETA be mad if there were air strikes on Donetsk?)

Now that these animals have shown their true colors (as if the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner weren’t enough), if Russia continues to support these animals, the world will see their true colors as well. But maybe, Russia has come to its senses. Maybe the humanitarian trucks weren’t just to bring aid in, but to take their weapons and leaders out. For the world’s sake, I hope so.

And about Barack Obama’s role in all of this? I'll give 'em a break this week. He’s got enough failure on his plate – heard he had a really bad golf game today. And honestly, I don’t even blame Barack anymore. I blame the idiots that voted for him. You know, the same ones that will vote for Hillary in 2016.


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