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Hillary is not the savior that will rescue you from Obama.

October 16, 2014

I See Your True Colors

In our last election, many conservatives voted for Obama just so all Americans could see just how destructive and disastrous liberal policies are. I think that’s pretty stupid, since destruction and disaster are very expensive to society and freedom, and many times, cannot be recovered from. Perhaps my approach would work better.

Whenever I’m dealing with people I suspect to be deceptive, I pray circumstances will evolve in such a way that the deceiver will be forced to show their “true colors,” instead of just incrementally offering their poison in a measured, palatable manner.

Apparently, my prayers have been answered. Obama refuses to enforce our laws on immigration, refuses to stop flights into the USA from Ebola infected countries, and numerous other issues that the media is increasingly having trouble ignoring.

Maybe the American people are starting to get the idea that Obama’s policies are simply insane. And no, there is not much we can do about Obama’s reign of destruction over the next 2 years, but what can be done is this. Recognize that liberal policies are insane and eventually harmful even to those who embrace them, and then not vote for them again. Not this year and not in 2016!

Let me make this simple for you: Hillary is not the savior that will rescue you from Obama. She and the liberals will simply do the “one step back, two steps forward” dance in order to stay in power and fill their pockets. And for those of you who are wondering why the “great black hope” that you voted for in 2008 and 2012 is acting in such a reckless manner, perhaps the “Hillary to the rescue” scenario is the strategy being employed here.

In other parts of the world, the other insane guy, V. Putin, is now on to the next phase of his destabilization of Ukraine: paying corruption to anyone he can in order to encourage a coup d’état in Kiev (just like the government programs here in America are used to buy votes). That money looks pretty good to people who can barely afford food, but the long term cost is slavery, both in Ukraine and in the USA.


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