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Obama lives like a liberal kid – nothing expected from him, no criticism given to him.

October 20, 2014

That’s What You’re Supposed To Do

After being pressed, Barack Obama is now considering a travel ban from Ebola infected countries. Just like with the ISIS situation, the Ukraine situation, and just about every situation this president has had to deal with, he always seems to be a day late and a dollar short.

Most people know what a president stands for before they vote for him. And it only takes a couple of years into a presidency to see if a president is succeeding at his new job as CEO. Barack Obama gave some pretty messianic speeches about what he would do as president. People who think government is god bought into it. I didn’t.

The whole reason I started writing these articles was because after I lived in Ukraine for a couple of years, I came back to the USA, only to find it resembling Ukraine. Many businesses, malls and strip malls that I frequented were closed. Whole neighborhoods seemed run down. The USA hadn’t gotten better under Obama. By 2012, I realized our CEO had not only failed, but had done some pretty serious damage to our country.

Obama blamed most of the damage on the previous CEO. But any CEO worth his salt knows your job is not to complain about the previous CEO, or those on the other side of the aisle, but to fix things (within the law and constitution). I assumed that Mitt Romney understood these things, having performed successfully in the private sector, and having successfully worked across the aisle with a Democrat majority in Massachusetts. So I begin to actively campaign for him, and for the future of our country.

I didn’t think Mitt was the messiah, anymore than I believe that the government is god. But I saw that the legitimate problems that we all had in common revolved around the economy. Black, white, Hispanic, women, gays – it seemed like everyone’s social complaints were really rooted in this category. Welfare is not even a relevant discussion if everyone is working. Immigration isn’t a relevant discussion if there is enough work for Americans. (There are legal ways to bring in more laborers – skilled and unskilled – should the need require.)

It became clear rather quickly that Obama lacked the skills to unify people and to solve problems. And very shortly after that I realized he not only lacked the desire to solve them, but that it was politically advantageous for he and his party to prolong and exacerbate these problems. This is when all the pieces fell into place for me.

After many years of being a Democrat, Ronald Regan became a Republican. When asked why he left the Democrat party, he said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.”

I feel a lot of Democrats feel that way today. They know that if Ronald Regan were president today, there would be no immigration crisis, Crimea would still be Ukraine, and ISIS and Boko Haram would be a grease spot.

Today’s Democrats can complain all they want about Ronald Regan, but he won 49 of fifty states, and a good majority of the popular vote. That means a LOT of Democrats voted for him. No polarized America in that election. The American people knew what they wanted after Jimmy Carter, the Iran Hostage situation, and the gas crisis. (Yet, Carter still spouts off in the media today, while other presidents wisely withhold their critique of past and present presidents.)

I’m reminded of a story a friend told me. When he was a kid, his dad was helping him practice outfielding by hitting him fly balls. For one particular ball, my friend had to make a flying dive to catch the ball. When he got back to his feet and discovered the ball in his mitt, he began to announced enthusiastically, “I caught it! I caught it!” His dad yelled back to him matter-of-factly, “That’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Barack Obama lives like a liberal kid. Nothing is expected from him, no criticism should be given, and any accomplishment must be praised. He doesn’t seem to understand what men like Mitt Romney understand: that there is a basic responsibility of leadership to perform; to accomplish stuff, and there is no praise or limelight, because that’s the job requirement. It’s what you’re supposed to do. If you don’t, you should be fired. But the kid, continually bolstered by the media kids and celebrity kids (and the kids that are acting as human shields for this administration coming across the border) make sure he and his ilk don’t get fired, but instead get the spotlight, with no criticism.

If only the media would do what it’s “supposed to do,” maybe our president wouldn’t have to go down as the worst president in American history. What a legacy for our first black president.


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