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Liberals don’t want jobs because that would free those who are slaves to the entitlement programs.

November 14, 2014

Where Do We Go from Here?

We have a real mess in the world right now, much of it created, some of it allowed, but all of it perpetuated by President Barack Obama. There are issues that must be addressed now, while we still have the chance. Each of these issues, most of them domestic, can have considerable ramifications on the current world situation as well.

1) The Economy – Jobs, jobs, jobs. Forget your hangnail causes for now. You can come back to them when people are working. But let’s fix this economy now! Get people to work. A weak, unemployed, divided America can’t help anyone.

2) Immigration – Enforce current immigration laws. The immigration system isn’t broken. The border is. The only incentive to come to this country should be for opportunity, not for handout programs. And the only way to get here should be through the legal system that is already established.

3) The Keystone Pipeline – We can put Americans to work, drive down gas prices (woe is Putin), and supply our Eastern and Western European allies (woe is Putin) with energy. Even the government’s own studies show no negative environmental impact. But if letting an endangered species go extinct can prevent WW3, then bye-bye birdie! It’s common sense. Build the damn thing!

4) ObamaCare – Ditch it. Scrap it. De-fund it. Repeal it. Whatever we have to do. We can’t keep our Dr. It isn’t affordable. It’s a train wreck, a mess, and another perfect example of your government dollars at “work.” It’s crap.

Even Democrats now agree with the above (either because they see their party being hijacked by the far left, or they don’t want to take another shellacking in 2016), so it seems the only obstructionist left in Washington D.C. is B.O. And it’s all about the survival of his ideology. Obama doesn’t want people working, because it reduces the number of people who are slaves to the entitlement programs. He doesn’t want people immigrating into this country in a regulated manner, because he wants a flood of people dependent on the entitlement system. Potential voters. He doesn’t want the pipeline built because the future of his ideology depends on the tree-hugger vote.

I believe the world's greatest threats right now are Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. Putin and Obama are not that different. They are both racist, and they both believe the means are justified by the ends – that their goals are so noble, that they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to achieve their end – that being government control.

Putin thinks he is “advancing” against the godlessness of the decadent west. Obama thinks he is “progressing” against the unfairness of a white, Judeo-Christian dominated society. But in his attempt to make things fairer for some, Obama and his clan have made things worse for all. For the whole world.

Putin longs for the Soviet Union. Barack for socialism. They both think they are right, but they are moving the world back in time, not to simpler times, but to times of death and sorrow and unspeakable horrors. Putin by commission; Obama by omission abroad, and commission domestically.

We either enforce current immigration laws, move back the march of the Left, or watch our nation become a socialist country, where the ceiling of a meager life is guaranteed for all (except the kings of government), and opportunity to excel exists for none. And we either continue to be an example to the world by strengthening ourselves and our allies, or we watch the world being eaten bite by bite, the final swallow being us.


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