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No one wants to put the bear in chains. They just him to stop ripping off his neighbors

December 22, 2014

It’s Looting Time, All Around the World

Several months ago I suggested that the “white trucks” coming into Eastern Ukraine from Russia were not delivering humanitarian aid, but rather were doing pickups. I thought at the time they were taking military equipment out of eastern Ukraine. That might have been part of it, but maybe what they were really doing was LOOTING!

Reports are that the Russians are using the humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine as a pretense to take expensive industrial equipment (and anything else of value they can get their hands on) out of Eastern Ukraine. The separatists allow this because they have no choice, but also because they think they are all a part of mother Russia anyway, and it is all for the common good. But it should be evident by this action that Russia cares nothing about the “cause” of the separatists nor for their future, as they loot the infrastructure Eastern Ukraine needs to survive.

[ED: Since the time of this writing, it has been reported that large amounts of coal have been transported from Eastern Ukraine to the Russian Federation, and now Russia is offering to sell that coal to Urkaine without pre-payment, as a sign of "good will."]

People in areas still under separatist control continue to suffer. But in areas being recaptured by the Ukranian army, the looting has stopped, lights and heat are beginning to come back on, and pensions are being restored. Armed gangs and thugs are no longer running the streets, and life is returning to some approximation of normal. Those that live in the separatist controlled areas are hearing about it from their friends and relatives living in these areas. Once again, Ukrainians are seeing – not by media propaganda, but by actions – who really wants peace, stability, and reform in Ukraine.

Before Putin’s invasion of Crimea and of Eastern Ukraine, everyone was benefitting. Russia its people were enjoying freedom and the benefits of capitalism and free trade. The rest of the world had an exploding market in Russia, and Russia in the world. But all that has changed now. Thanks to Mr. Putin, “the Bear” has become just one big thief.

No one wants to put the bear in chains. They just want the bear to get along with his neighbors. Mr. Putin is the one responsible for “the bear” living on nuts and berries, and hopefully, the Russian people will see this and put him back in his cage.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, president Barack Obama continues to loot, destroy, and apologize for the world’s last bastian of freedom – the United States of America, while our congress – both Republican and Democrat – continues to misrepresent the interests of the American people.


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