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Even with their control of media and entertainment, Liberals still aren’t yet able to get complete control of the country.

January 5, 2015

Generalities Are the Refuge of Weak Minds

Most weak minded people rely on these three factors:

1) Membership
2) Prestige
3) The Love of Money

Membership (group-think) gives a false sense of intellectual knowing and well being. Behavior is not tested against credible standards, but rather, justified by its popularity among the group.

Prestige (acceptance of/honor from peers) provides emotional stroking and a sense of well being, acceptance and praise coming from other members, their motives and agenda considered irrelevant as long as they don’t contradict your agenda, or the agenda of the group.

Money (the love of/trust in) gives a false sense of physical security and well being. It is no longer the representation of cooperation with the physical and social universe around us, nor a reminder of the joy of this cooperation, but rather, a short cut, a zero minute workout often provided by someone else’s labor. Who is the greatest loser here? The one who labors only to have the representation of their efforts confiscated, or the one who feigns exercise, and as a result, gets no physical benefit, no strengthening, no growth?

I believe that the above factors are responsible for the masking of the rise of the mass-insanity that is overtaking our culture. Thought that is not individual thought is not thought at all, only a collective ignore-ance of ignorance; a feel-good pat-on-the-back from your equally deceived neighbor. Prestige is only the inflation of self-importance, but no real contribution has been made. The love of/trust of money is perhaps the worst factor, creating the greatest false sense of temporal well being, with this trust itself being the root of all destructive evil.

It is interesting to me that, liberals – even with their control of media and entertainment – still aren’t yet able to get complete control of the country, even with race-baiting, voter fraud, entitlement programs, illegal immigrants, etc. Most individuals still know they are dead wrong/missing the point(s). But as more and more people seek the approval of their peers and put their trust in government, the more water the ship will take on.


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