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Propaganda comes from those who want to deceive, and is intended for those who want to believe it.

January 31, 2015

One Man’s Theorist Is Another Man’s Free Dumb Fighter

I said it before, I’ll say it again: The two greatest enemies of world tranquility today are Barack Hussein Obama and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. (I don’t include ISIS, because Obama and/or Putin could stop ISIS dead in their tracks if they wanted to.) Obama’s and Putin’s greatest accomplices are the American “mainstream media” and RT (Russia Today), respectively (or dis-respectively).

I’m no Cheryl Atkinson, but in the last few months I’ve had the Secret Service (via contractor) and the Kremlin (directly) perusing my website. I doubt that either considers me much of a threat. I hardly have any readers (that’s how I know who’s looking at my website). The Secret Service probably just wants to make sure I’m not one of those "tea-party terrorists," and the Kremlin is probably just blocking any American websites that are not pro-Putin. So, I’m probably just a dolphin that got caught in the great big NSA/KGB tuna net. Probably.

Honestly, the internet is quickly becoming useless for the dissemination of information. It has, in fact, become a great tool for misinformation and propaganda. Most user comments are just one-upmanship, back and forth uncivil adolescent insults, or the droppings of paid trolls, insuring no intelligent discussion takes place. It’s a strategy being used by both the White House and the Kremlin to muddy the waters and to discourage free thought and free speech, or at least to prevent meaningful communication.

From the Kremlin front (via RT) comes endless suggestions of how Kiev has been taken over by Nazis (with the help of the CIA), and how the separatists are freedom fighters, trying to protect Russian-speaking citizens in the Donbass from Nazi torture, rape, and crucifixion. Do Russians really believe this ka-ka?

Obama takes a little different approach – in addition to his ilk in the media and the internet, he sends paid operatives directly to Israel to go door to door to encourage people not to vote for Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming Israeli elections. Do Israelis and Americans really believe this doo-doo? Only if you are part of the forty-seven percent that don’t care how dishonest Obama is, because you share his view – that the end justifies any means. It’s interesting how much Obama, the 47%, and Putin think alike.

Recently, students in Kyiv produced a video called, “Doubt Everything,” and sent it to their fellow students in Russia. Simply put, they state: “Our country has not been taken over by Nazis or the CIA. This is a revolution of the Ukrainian people, to try to rid ourselves of government corruption and to have a better life. Doubt everything you hear via the state controlled media in Russia. They will not tell you what is really going on here.”

Ukrainians are trying to escape the Soviet mentality that has lingered in Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union. They are trying to reach the few Russians they can that will still listen – other young people. Russians may have Smartphones, but for many, the mentality is basically still Soviet. If the people would just take whatever RT says, and make it just the opposite, they would probably have a pretty close idea of what’s really happening. Any news outlet that is consistently supportive of its government and its leaders either has a gun to its head, or is all in with what’s happening.

Let me say it another way: Whenever a news media outlet is consistently in line with the views of its government, that media is controlled by its government. The purpose of the press is to challenge the government, to rid it of corruption. When media fails to do this, it is propaganda.

We’ve all heard the saying, “There’s your side of the story, my side of the story, and somewhere in between.” It sounds like an objective way of looking at things, but I’ve found in my experience that when people have significant disagreements, usually one of the parties is 75 to 95% of the problem, and those words “somewhere in between” are just a smoke screen, thrown up by the guilty party, to muck up the reality of the situation.

Many times, in our attempts to be fair and objective, we get our leg pulled (as my dad used to say), and get drawn into endless ambiguous dialog, complicated academic examinations, a lot of this is how he/she feels, and lots of emotion. But seldom any in-context facts or actionable information. We just get misinformation and/or propaganda. And this is what the “at-fault” party wants.

Propaganda has a purpose. It comes from those who want to deceive, and is intended for those who want to believe. It is not for those who know better, and it is not for those who really want the facts.

Enter the support (misguided or with full knowledge) of the liberal for the so-called freedom fighter and suicide. . . activist? If that is indeed what they are, then why do these activists deliberately take the lives of innocent men, women, and children, before or when they take their own? As I’ve said before, it’s not very Gandhi-like.

In his State of the Activist address, the “Prez” telegraphed his deep concern about unemployment – not the country’s, but his own. You see, he’ll be out of a job next year, so his address was more of a job interview. There’s a lot of money and a LOT more power in the Global Warming Trade, and they’ll be needing a new spokesperson since Al Gore has fizzled out. Yes, you won both elections, Mr. President. And no, you don’t need to interview for the job. They’ve had six years to see what you can do, and you are a shoe-in.

So you see, we have quite the success stories here:

From Community Organizer, to President, to Global Leader.

From KGB officer, to President, to Global Nuke Leader.

These boys are gonna light up the sky.


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