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March 14, 2015

To My Friends In Washington And Donetsk

As I examine a list of recent visitors to my website, I am once again perplexed. The State Department. The EPA. FBI. IRS. Previous visits from the Secret Service and the Kremlin. And now, most recently, frequent visits from Donetsk, Ukraine. Is it possible that I’m actually doing something right?

This is all so strange to me. So, first, let me address my friends in Washington.

I am a peaceful man. I do not advocate violence. I am appalled by violence. Our Constitution secures the right of WE THE PEOPLE “peaceably to assemble,” and I’m quite sure hurting other citizens, hurting police officers, looting, and “burn the bitch down” is not included in the definition of the word peaceably.

To the EPA: I am environmentally friendly (I recycle). To the IRS: I pay my taxes. To the FBI: I am a threat to no one domestically or internationally. I have never advocated or even implied anything to the contrary in my writings or elsewhere. And finally to the State Department: I do not have a private server, and I don’t delete my emails, not even private ones .

Now maybe you guys (and/or ladies – I’m not sexist either) are either big fans of the Constitution and my opinion on current issue, or you are viewing me for some other reason. But it’s a little creepy and a bit of a distraction for me, as I’d rather be writing about things that I feel are of real importance (like government spying, and our lawless president), than addressing these visits.

So here’s the deal: If you are spying on me, and you still feel it is important to spy on me, could you please spoof your IP, so I won’t know it’s you? However, if you do indeed want me to know it’s you, and you realize I am no threat, but just want to intimidate me, then please don’t be offended if I ignore you from now on. End of story. (We hope.)

And now to my friends in Donetsk:

I love the Ukrainian people, Russian speaking or Ukrainian speaking. I don’t know what everyone in Ukraine feels. But I know what many of the young people feel. They want a better life for themselves and for their children – your grandchildren. Many of them have traveled outside of Ukraine, and they saw things could be better for Ukraine. That’s all they want, and it was they that started the revolution – not Nazis, the CIA, or Obama. (Trust me, Obama is too stupid.)

They never wanted to chose between Europe and Russia. They wanted the advantages of being in the EU – better goods, services, and travel opportunities. But they never wanted to end their relationship with Russia. They didn’t want to “gay” their country, either. They just wanted the corruption, the abuses, and the Russian-proxy control of their country to end. They just wanted a better life.

Yes, I realize a lot of the older people think that Kiev has been taken over by Gay-Nazis, and that mother Russia will give them better wages and a good pension if they side with Russia. But remember, all those promise were made to south Ossetia, too. Now all they have is unemployment, while their mayors and other leaders drive around in limousines.

I realize that the West is a totally different reality than in Ukraine. I understand that. I have lived in both Ukraine and the West. When people first come to my country (the USA) they find it hard to believe that it can be so wonderful. My wife (from Ukraine) described it like this: “It’s like God just made this country.” But she became very disappointed once she saw how spoiled and lazy many of the people in my country are.

When I first came to Ukraine, I thought, “It looks like they left things the way they were after the bombings of World War 2.” I felt as if I were in an old black and white movie. But I came to love the hearts of the Ukrainian people.

If you are a pro-Russian Separatist, just trying to hack me, there is nothing you’ll find interesting on my website. I’m not a paid government troll, my website is not a government website. (From what I’ve already written, you should get the impression my government – at least the current administration – doesn’t like me very much.) I’m just an individual citizen that is expressing his ideas regarding individual freedom that can be found in the Constitution of the United States, the Magna Charta, and other great documents of free thinkers and lovers of democracy.

I hope you will end this war – for your people, your children, and grandchildren – although I fear it is too late, and that it is out of your control. That Russia is now calling the shots. But it is senseless for the Ukrainian people to continue to die, no matter what language they speak. This is not a Holy War. God doesn’t want people to die. He wants them to live in peace, and He will be the judge at the end of times. And there will be an end of times. And it will not be brought about by you, Obama, Putin, ISIS, or Iran. But there will be an end of times. This is what the Bible teaches, and that is Holy.


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