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It is surprising how quickly social problems resolve themselves when people are busy working.

April 11, 2015

No One Should Ever Want To Be President

No one should ever want to be president, but if you do, these should be the qualifications:

1) You shouldn’t want to be president. Period! You shouldn’t, as many presidents have, just see it as the next step in your political career path. You should want to be president because you see your country is in need, and you believe in the depth of your soul that you are the right person for this time and hour in history.

2) You shouldn’t want to be president to break a glass ceiling. To make history by being the first woman president, first black president, first Hispanic president, first gay president, first animal rights pres... well, you get the point. You shouldn’t want to be a first anything. You should want to be president because you see your country is in need, and you believe in the depth of your heart that you are the right person for this time and hour in history, regardless!

3) You shouldn’t want to be president so you can help special interest groups. To use your power to help any one group(s). You should make decisions that will benefit all Americans, and solve (or facilitate the solving of) the problems that are the most important, and in order of their importance. In other words, you must be a problem solver, know how to identify the problems that are priority (the problems that are causing problems – get to the base of the flame, not just run around putting out fires), and you must be a leader. (FYI: Good leaders know how to listen before making decisions.)

4) You shouldn’t want to be president so you can push your ideology. Your country, its people, and the agreement that WE THE PEOPLE have put in place to protect us from our government (The Constitution of the United States of America) should be your first and only priority. If you think your country sucks, or that the Constitution sucks, and you are a superior intellect that is going to save people from this horrible country by tearing it all down, you might want to think about a different job. Maybe community organizer.

Have you noticed that those who are “personally ambitious” to become president, seem to fit right in with voters who are “ceiling breakers” (for ceiling-breaking sake), members of special interest groups, and ideologues?

These words come to mind when I think about the qualities of a president: Ability. Humility. Service. (Like the real Messiah). Words that don’t come to mind are: Cocky. Smart-aleck. Egotistical. Vindictive. Childish. Just to name a few.

Now that we’ve dealt with your motive for wanting to be president, let’s talk about the important issues you’ll need to tackle. And again, they’ll be issues that if solved, will benefit all Americans, and not just a special few spoiled brats who have grown up entitled, or those who have extreme insecurities and believe their non-life-and-death, hangnail issues will bring them their long sought after acceptance in society (or legacy as a president).

1) The Economy. The president will have to understand how to get this country working again (and not just by playing with the unemployment numbers). They will have to understand the economy, where our jobs have gone and are going, how to get them back again, and how to create new jobs. And they will have to fight the special interest groups to do it.

2) National Defense. The president will have to build up our military, in many ways, and very, very soon. Because other aggressive nations in the world are doing just that. The president will have to understand that not only is our economic strength key to our stability, but that our potential strength to defend ourselves and our allies is also a key element of our stability, and thus the stability of the world. Few understand that it is 1938 again. Only this time, Hitler is Stalin, and Stalin has nuclear weapons. So does North Korea, and soon, so will Iran.

3) Immigration. If we don’t close and regulate our borders, the above points won’t matter much anyway. Other countries are deliberately sending us their poverty, sickness, crime, terrorists and spies. We are going to have to return to common sense, determine exactly who is trying to do this country harm, and find a way to make sure that those immigrating here are doing so for the right reasons – freedom and opportunity, and to contribute to building up this country, and not tearing it down.

4) Social Governing. Stop it. It’s not good for anyone, not even for the ones who think they are being helped by it. We don’t need the thought police, or activist judges. We’ll work it out, eventually, if you just stay out of the way. Your only responsibility as our government is to make sure we do it peaceably, and to make sure no one’s right to speak is suppressed. So, butt out, Uncle Sam.

Now, I realize that those with weak arguments might not like that, but that’s the cost of a free society. Get the government involved in forcing others to accept your ideas, and soon, none of us will have any freedom. Or ideas. It’s just the way it is.

To be practical, it is surprising just how quickly social problems resolve themselves when people are busy working and making a living. But you can’t work if there are no jobs, capisce? And the highest unemployment in the United States today is among African-Americans, those who voted overwhelmingly for a president whose policies are responsible for the continued unemployment, and a president who has no idea of how (and maybe no desire) to fix the problem.

So here’s how the candidates/potential candidates did on my scale:

Hillary failed on all points, as did Obama. Actually, he is the standard for failure. Coming in a close 2nd to Hillary and Obama was Jeb Bush. Moving up the list is Rand Paul, Marco Rubio (I think he should run with just the first name, right? Or maybe just the last name!), Ted Cruz (“Cruise with Cruz.” Nice campaign slogan), and “Luke” Scott Walker (“The Force is with him").

Surprisingly, the potential candidate that scored best on all tests was “The Donald.” (Do you think it’s sexist to only use his first name?). The only point Trump failed was point B, because he’d be the first president to brake the “really bad hair” ceiling. But a lot of people on both sides would vote for him. And the thing that would irritate the Republican Party the most is that he could win. He’d close the deal. Not a doubt in my mind.

[ED: Two months later, on June 16th, 2015, Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president.]


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