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The left is convinced that if we just stop defending ourselves, the bad guys will stop attacking us.

May 25, 2015

When The Patients Run The Nut House

I haven’t had much to write about lately. I’m not one to complain for the sake of complaining. I like to address things I feel I can help change. But too many issues. Too little time. And too few listening.

In this past election, Republican, Independent, and even some Democrat voters gave the Republicans control of the Senate, in hopes that they would at least try to stop the lawlessness of the President, and his destruction of our country. But instead, Republicans have joined Obama in his game, even when many Democrats have taken a stand against him. Some think it’s just an attempt by Republicans to send the message, “We are bi-partisan, really. And we like black people, too. Really.” But whatever they are trying to do, it wasn’t why they were elected. They weren’t elected to try and convince the Left and their press of something they already know and don’t care about. They were elected to end the madness.

But instead, Republicans have joined Obama in the same sick assumption all Leftists embrace: If we just stop defending ourselves, bad guys will stop attacking us. And so now the world’s bullies have free reign. Putin takes Crimea. Isis takes Syria and Iraq. Illegal immigrants take the USA. (Has Obama or the press ever asked how legal immigrants feel about illegal immigration?) The global warming initiative demoralizes the military by replacing its defense mission. The “Justice” Department disarms the police (next best thing to gun-control), while thugs take black neighborhoods. So this is what hope and change looks like.

It is so interesting to me that liberals are using the same tactics to breakdown society, that AIDS uses to breakdown the human body. It literally attacks the body’s defense centers, telling them to shutdown, and then in turn, converts those centers into recruiters to go out and tell the rest of the body’s defense centers to do the same. It is eerie.

I’ve read enough history to know the kinds of atrocities that take place when this mentality becomes dominate in a society. I have cried reading it. But then our young people wouldn’t know this, would they, because they don’t study history anymore. Only technology, and leftist utopian ideology.

Every day, when I pray, I include these two request:
1) Father, bring those who really want to know you and your love, together with those who know you and your love.
2) Father, somehow, please replace the maniacs in power, with people of reason.

I do not pray this because I believe government will or can solve problems, but because I realize the obstacle government can be to the solutions. And our government is starting to wield the same kind of power it wielded in the days when Constantine bedded with the Holy Roman Empire; when King George bedded with the Church of England; when the Czars of Russia bedded with the Orthodox Church. They all, like today’s so called progressives, wanted to suppress free speech. More specifically, to suppress any speech that didn’t line up with what they were promoting. You know – get rid of the opposition. It is hard enough to get the truth out in a free society, but when government gets involved in suppressing speech, trust me, truth is always the first thing to go.

The United States of America was (hopefully still is) a wonderful experiment – an experiment to see if in a free society, truth would prevail. Very few realize that the Russian Revolution was also originally a democratic one. But the process was hijacked by the communist party, because the democratic portion of the new government wanted to show themselves fair and objective to all parties, and to allow all to be represented. When the communists took over, they killed the democratic proponents (in the name of “lasting” peace). Don’t think for a moment that today’s Leftist won’t do the same – in the name of peace.


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