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Obama is more concerned with being in the history books next to Mandela than actually helping people.

August 15, 2015

All Cream Matters (And Floats To The Top)

I was recently at a McDonald’s fast food restaurant. Most of the employees there were black, but ALL of them, black or white, were dragging around like they didn’t even want to be there, let alone, serve anyone. But there was one young black man there who was positive, outgoing, and eager to serve. He stood out like a healthy thumb. He wasn’t the manager, but he was definitely management material.

I do not know what his motivation was, but clearly it came from within, and not from his circumstances or from those around him. And there is no doubt in my mind that this young man will be very successful someday (as long as he doesn’t become a victim of black-on-black crime) because he is already a success in his own mind.

There is also no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama was this same ambitious, positive, outgoing young man as he scooped ice cream at Baskin Robbins, did summer jobs while going through law school, and as he worked as a community organizer. I do not know when or why he decided to use his abilities to be a purveyor of class-envy and blame, instead of an example of success. But I suspect his motivation is that he wants to be in the history books next to Mandela, meaning: he is much more concerned with how he is remembered than actually helping people.

Under Barack Obama, the rich have gotten richer, the poor have become more dependent, and the incomes of the middle class have gone down considerably. He has only served as an example for those who want to make a living off of government and/or being career politicians. Quite the opposite of how he started, and the polar opposite of Dr. Ben Carson. I can’t imagine how Obama must dislike Dr. Carson. I wonder if those other McDonald’s employees dislike that positive, outgoing, eager-to-serve young man for making them “look bad.”

Discouragement is not the exclusive property of black people or McDonald’s workers. People of all races and income levels face discouragement. I know what it’s like to not even want to do the things you need to do because you are so unsure about some aspect of your future. Everyone goes through this. But discouragement is sin (yes, really) and if you let your goals for the future be sidetracked by the adversity of the present, you cannot and will not reach your goals (should you be smart enough and ambitious enough to have goals).

When it comes to being an example to others and to helping others, you must also understand that you can (and should) encourage people (sometimes till you are blue in the face), but it is still ultimately their choice to encourage themselves. Each individual decides how they will use or not use their talent(s).

That young man at McDonald’s will undoubtedly go far in life. I hope he continues in steadfast pursuit of his goals, no matter what the obstacles, and that he will be that example to others who also want to succeed, because ALL lives matter. But ultimately, it’s his choice. A choice he is already making. But a choice that he, and all of us, must continue to make each day for the rest of our lives. But when people do continue to make that choice, they become the cream of the crop, regardless of the color of their skin.

The Donald’s philosophy (that’s Trump, not McDonald’s) would work well at McDonald’s and in Washington: No excuses. Not even being dumb. Get ‘er done or YOU’RE FIRED!

It’s unfortunate we didn’t fire our current president in 2012. But there are a lot of Americans out there that still want to get ‘er done. Now do you understand Trump’s poll numbers?


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