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The establishment is so afraid of Donald Trump because he is a guy with no ideological agenda, just common sense.

September 25, 2015

Liberal Guilt Joins Forces With Catholic Guilt

I hate to quote myself, but in a recent article I wrote: “Aren’t you getting wise to, and sick and tired of, the idea that: If you don’t give everyone else your stuff, you are an uncaring person? Even you liberals have to deal with this bullsh*t approach from other liberals, and there is more guilt motivation among American liberals than in the whole Catholic Church worldwide! Aren’t you sick of it?”

Apparently liberals are not sick of it, because as liberal ideology takes a beating for producing no results and/or bad results in the real world, liberals have enlisted a new bedfellow in their search for validation. The Pope. A match made in... ‘er, heaven? But really, worldly religion and big government have never been strange bed fellows. History proves this. It is either religion seeking government to grow its power, or as in the days of Constantine (and Obama), government seeking religion to grow its power. What a happy little couple. PONTIFF and POTUS. Now that’s a gay marriage.

It is interesting to me that, for the most part, people are only united by hatred or love. In biblical times, the Sadducees and the Pharisees (groups that typically hated each other) were united by their hatred for Jesus. While two of Jesus’ disciples – Simon Zealotes (who furiously resented Roman rule) and Matthew (a tax collector for the Romans) – were united by their love for Jesus. Bottom line: Those who wanted worldly power hated Jesus. Those who realized there was a greater power, loved him.

All of history (HIS-story) is about the love of God and His Son, or the hatred and resentment of/for God and His Son. And this dividing line is becoming more and more evident with every passing day, as conservatives finally take off the gloves, and liberals start to take off their masks, or at least, find new masks to wear.

There is a story about a God-loving monk who was a victim of the inquisition. One of the cardinals questioning him pointed out the wealth of the church of Rome and its worldly power, and said to the monk, “We no longer have to say, silver and gold have I none.” The monk replied, “Yes, but neither can you say, In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”

Bet they weren’t very happy with his response. Bet they did to him what Obama would like to do to those who oppose him.

As a Christian, I do not want anyone in the White House (including a Christian) that would use their authority to “crucify” others who don’t agree with them (as Obama has done). I want a president that will defend the constitution – a constitution that preserves our individual liberties of freedom of speech and religion – so that those who love God might continue to speak of God’s love and deliverance; to use reason and entreaty to change hearts, not government force to constrain!

This is why liberals (including liberal Republicans) are so afraid of Donald Trump. And they ARE afraid! Because he is a guy with no ideological agenda, just common sense. Something that is not allowed in Washington. Liberals (including the liberal press) want any candidate, as long as it is not a candidate that can beat theirs. But it is to their own detriment, because this government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE, can only continue if liberty (religious and otherwise) is upheld. And it has a much better chance of surviving under Donald Trump or Ben Carson then under our present POTUS or PONTIFF.

I’ve realized that there are really only two ways that people react to the success of others, and it is all about attitude. They either emulate that success and use it as an example, or they hate and resent the successful and try to blame them for their own lack of success, and then try to destroy the successful. Only two choices. Each individual makes their own choice. Obama has made his choice, and has tried to encourage others to choose the way of resentment and revenge. How about you?


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