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Lives on all sides of the issue have been torn apart because our elected officials were too gutless to enforce the laws.

November 11, 2015

Walls – To Protect And Serve

The words politics, political, politician, policies, police, polls, polite, metropolis, and many other words all come the single Greek word, polis, which originally meant wall, but eventually came to mean city, because of the walled cities of ancient times that it referred to.

The walls of these cities were not built to keep people in, but were meant to protect its inhabitants from invaders. The inhabitants of these walled cities were known as polites – citizens. And though people from the outside could seek refuge within these walls, no one was allowed into the city without knowing who they were and exactly why they were there.

One of the foundational responsibilities of government specified in our constitution is to provide for the common defense – to protect its citizens from invasion. And one of the best and most ancient forms of defense/protection is WALLS! They, like government and the police, should protect and serve. (Just like “executive orders” should be used to enforce laws to protect and serve its citizens; not to make, break, or ignore laws for the sake of invaders!)

I don’t have a problem with immigration. My wife is a legal immigrant from Ukraine; my son-in-law a legal immigrant from Mexico. But immigration can also be a Trojan Horse. And the USA and most of Europe are now being colonized by people with no intention whatsoever of assimilating, and no desire to preserve the freedom and individual liberty the USA is unique for. If this invasion isn’t stopped? Goodbye land of the free, government of, by, and for the people; hello Castro, Stalin, Putin, Ayatollah, and Mao.

The dishonesty in our country today is reaching Soviet proportions. The intentional misframing and/or disregard of our constitution is extinguishing the light of freedom and opportunity.

Q: Since black lives do matter, then why is Obama giving what few jobs blacks had to illegal immigrants by refusing to enforce existing immigration laws?

A: So he and his ilk can stay in power.

Q: Why do all so-called “people’s revolutions” of third world countries always end up with a dictator in power instead of the people in power?

A: Centralized power (to the few or one).

Q. Why do people like Obama and Hillary always accuse the rich elite of controlling things, while they try to replace the rich elite with the rich political elite.

A: Power! And all at the expense of the people they are suppose to protect and serve.

People like Obama and Hillary know full-well their end game. But Democrats in Republican clothing – Jeb Bush and John Kasich – just can’t make the hard choices anymore; choices that wouldn’t be so hard if the law would have been enforced. And now John and Jeb have joined the ranks of those who relieve their own guilt by throwing other people’s money at other people’s problems, and then pat themselves on the back for being such good “Christians” and such balanced politicians.

Some heart. Get honest and just look at the mess you’ve made, and all the people you’ve hurt, just because you were too gutless to enforce the laws. You should ALL be impeached.


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